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Youtube Insights Shows Unique View Counts

youtube logoJason Kincaid at Techcrunch reports that YouTube has just released a brand new feature inside Youtube Insights which allow YouTubers’ to find how many unique visitors are watching their produced videos.

Even though YouTube videos displays their view counts to the public, It doesn’t really represent the true ‘unique views’. So if your friend watches your video 100 times – your video will show 100 views, even though
in reality its only 1 person watching it 100 times. But with this cool new addition in Youtube Insights, now the video produces will really get an idea about how many unique views their videos get.

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How Do I See my Video’s Unique View Counts?

To access this feature, simply go to the YouTube Insights page of your video and click ‘Show Unique Users’ under the ‘Views’ tab.

You should see a thin yellow line representing unique views alongside the standard green line showing absolute views.

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