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Yahoo Web Analytics Beta Launched

Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo has just announced that they have launched their Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) on Limited Basis starting from this week. The tool is currently offered as a limited beta to customers of Yahoo Small Business, select Yahoo advertisers and some third-party application developers.

Last year back in April, Yahoo acquired IndexTools, who was a major provider of analytics software based in Hungary. So basically Yahoo has bought over the business and technology that IndexTools had and repackaged it with Yahoo’s own technology as – Yahoo Web Analytics.

Yahoo! Web Analytics (beta) will provide powerful data and insights reporting that will help webmasters to evaluate their marketing performance and tweak their website designs. They’ll get custom real-time reports and graphs that will help them to slice and dice metrics like sales, page views, and sources of traffic and ultimately identify ways to boost up their visitor’s satisfaction.

And as you might expect, Yahoo Web Analytics also includes full integration with other Yahoo products. For instance, you can easily analyze the effectiveness of Yahoo search marketing campaigns and track how well each of your products within your e-commerce shop are selling. This analytics product can easily be compared to Google Analytics, the free analytics service from Google that has similar integration with its own products such as – Google AdWords.

Some Screen shots of Yahoo Web Analytics: (Credit: Visual Revenue)

Yahoo! Web Analytics – Dashboard

Yahoo Web Analytics Dashboard

A Look at Yahoo Web Analytics Sales Summary Page


Yahoo! Web Analytics – First time visitors vs. Returning


Yahoo! Web Analytics – Custom Report Wizard


Some Features of Yahoo Web Analytics

  • Customizable dashboard with the metrics, benchmarks and gauges that meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Allows you to quickly set goals, track progress and identify danger points.
  • Each person and role within your company can have their own dashboard.
  • Allows you to tailor your reports with the Custom Report Wizard.
  • Allows you to measure cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and return-on-investment (ROI)-and adjust your budget if necessary.
  • You can find out how visitors react to different campaign landing pages, page layouts, calls to action, and more – then optimize your pages and offers.
  • Allows you to advantage of Advanced Live Cost Analysis that collects data from Yahoo!, Google and MSN, and integrates it with the revenue earned on your website
  • Ability to measure the ROI of your paid search campaigns, keyword by keyword.
  • Track the products – and product combinations – your customers purchase, add to their carts, and preview.
  • Track visitor behavior through multi-step processes, like purchases or form submissions, and troubleshoot popular paths to improve task completions.
  • You can learn how your website performance develops from month to month.
  • Helps you to identify popular paths through your site – viewing user paths as branched, hierarchical maps.
  • Ability to monitor events that affect your website, such as site changes, holidays or system outages.

See the complete list of Yahoo Web Analytics Features

My Two Cents

I must say that Yahoo Analytics is looking very promising with all the new features. I’m really looking forward in trying it out myself. So what do you think of Yahoo Analytics do you think it can beat Google Analytics? Reply in comments…


  • Reply Vishal Chordia |

    Well: if you look at functionality by functionality of yahoo (Indextool) vs. google, then i would say that yahoo (Index tool) has more functionality and features when compared to google. Since Indextool (Yahoo) used to serve enterprise and used to compete other enterprise vendors. With google polishing their analytics tools is just getting ready to fight yahoo. Lets look a year from now, MSFT might own google, so google would have to fight MSFT instead of Y!, which is much harder, so it better for google to address this problem right away so that people don’t jump ships.

  • Reply Saad |

    Hi Vishal

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Actually I didn’t get a chance to try out the indextool (Yahoo) analytics yet. But so far what I have read and seen, its defnitely a lot robust & enterprise standard.

    About MSFT owning Google in a year —- I serioudly doubt it. I don’t think MSFT can ever stand against anyone in the WEB. If their Yahoo takeover was successful then there would have been a chance….but now…I just don’t think so.

So, what do you think ?