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Tips for Optimizating Your Adsense Ads

Google Adsense Optimization TipsGoogle has recently started to publish a series of videos for AdSense tips at their official Inside AdSense blog. This is definitely a wise effort to help Google Adsense Publishers to better monetize their websites. After all, the better the Adsense publishers can make out from adsense, the more money Google makes, right?

Basically the first video talks about ad sizes, and Google recommends them to be big. They think that “bigger is often better”. They suggest using the following sizes:

  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 728×90 leaderboard
  • 160×600 skyscraper

Mel Ann Chan of the AdSense Australia Optimisation Team makes it very clear that the suggested ad units have delivered proven in the past and proved to be profitable for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers usually favour these formats, and if you’ve receiving all ad types, you’ll find that advertisers will specifically target your sites more often.

Chan says that, If a publisher can position his ad units well, the users will be more likely to see these ad formats and find an ad that they are truely interested in.

She suggests that if a publisher displays at least one of these ad formats on their page it can increase the AdSense earnings of that publisher substantially.

I completely agree with Chan as I myself have seen many websites that has really poor design and ad placement. I think Ad placement is purely an art rather than a science. You really need to test different kinds of ads and see what works and converts best for you.

And I think the primary reason why Google recommends large sized ad blocks, because those ads are more likely to catch the eye, but if they are placed poorly and blended within the site’s design, It may result in a lot of ‘accidental clicks’ which doesn’t convert well for the advertisers.

Some other tips for Optimizing your Google Adsense ads:

In the Inside Adsense blog, Google Adsense team has also shared some other tips that can benefit Adsense publishers.

Competitive Ad Filter

Adsense Publishers can restrict contextually-targeted and placement-targeted ads from appearing on your pages by adding the URL of each ad to your Competitive Ad Filter. To access this filter simply login in to your Adsense account, click the AdSense Setup tab and visit the ‘Competitive Ad Filter’ page. You can also find full instructions and tips for entering in specific URLs in Google Adsense Help Center. Why is this filter useful? Well, if your site is about dogs and you are selling a particular type of dog food on your site, you wouldn’t want your visitors to see an ad of your close competitor who is selling a different brand, right? So with this competitive ad filter, you can easily filter out your competitors so that their ads don’t show up in your website. This tool is also proven useful, if you want to filter out ads that’s pays really is low and doesn’t convert well for you.

Ad Review Center

The Ad Review Center is a very useful addition in Google Adsense that gives publishers additional control over the placement-targeted ads that may appear on their pages. Using the Ad Review Center, a publisher can review specific ad groups and advertisers before they start appearing on their pages. This will also allow publisher to block certain types of ads from showing up. You’ll need to opt in to the Ad Review Center at the top of your Competitive Ad Filter page, and then you can begin reviewing ads instantly. This is particularly useful for those publishers who has a lot of traffic and gets a lot of advertisers who site target their ads.

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