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YouTube Trends – Watch Trending Videos on YouTube

youtube trends On Youtube over 35 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute! Thats a massive amount of content for anyone to watch and quite frankly out of that 35 hours of video 49% are probably crap and 50% are probably cat videos! So the gem actually lies within that 1% that goes viral and becomes really popular. But keeping track of these youtube memes and trends are often a big problem as there is no central place where you can go to just consume all the “great” stuff.

Well youtube seem to have just solved that problem with their new initiative named :Youtube Trends. The site is basically an analytics hub for the giant video sharing site, featuring a lot of feeds showing all the trending videos and trending topics (which are generated via metadata). In their official blog post they also mentioned a feature called “4 at 4? that will present four buzzed-about videos twice a day. Other features include: a Know Your Meme-esque blog to analyze said videos and a dashboard that breaks down popular videos by demographics (location, age, gender, etc). Youtube Trends also presents videos in billboard-style charts, some cool data visualizations and more.

Read the Youtube Trends FAQ section to learn more about the service and also take this chance to watch a nice YouTube compilation of the most watched videos of 2010.

Kevin Allocca, YouTube Trends Manager writes:

We see YouTube as a way to not just be entertained and informed, but also as place that can help us understand more about the world we live in and the people we live in it with. And that’s what YouTube Trends is all about.

Introduction to YouTube Trends

(video link – for RSS Users)

Youtube Instant – Find Videos Instantly

youtube instantIf you like what Google has done with Google Instant, then you are going to like this new Youtube Mashup, “Youtube Instant” – http://ytinstant.com/ created by a Stanford university student – Feross Aboukhadijeh.

yotube instant screen

With the same principle as Google Instant, this new youtube mash up lets you search YouTube videos and get instant results as you type in your search query. Currently only one of the best matched video is returned on the search result page and the video gets played automatically without availability of any sort of traditional YouTube player control (e.g. Play/Pause).

In an interview with AllThingsD, the creator Ferros mentioned that he coded Youtube Instant in 3 hours in order to fulfill a bet he had with his friend.

After the news of this service broke, YouTube’s CEO & Co-founder Chad Hurley informally offered Feross a job via Twitter.

So check out Youtube Instant: http://ytinstant.com/

YouTube Leanback – YouTube for TV

youtube leanback - youtube tv If you are addicted to YouTube then you are going to love this new beta interface that youtube has put up – Its called “Youtube Leanback“. As the name implies, YouTube Leanback is basically all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained by all the crazy cat videos great video content that YouTube has to offer. The best part of this interface is It works exactly like a TV channel; you basically tune in to YouTube Leanback and it automatically starts playing videos tailored to your interests and stuffs that you liked before. The videos play in full screen and in high definition. It doesn’t require any input from the user as it plays continuously one video after another. You don’t need to click, search or even browse for videos – you get them all automatically like a broadcast of a TV channel.

This is a basically Google’s move to put YouTube on your living room and essentially on all television sets & set top boxes that has access to the Internet. However I don’t quite like the way they recommend videos. I know its largely done automatically by the algorithm based on my preference & social graph, however I think Google needs to go one step forward here and find out a way to make these video content really ‘suitable’ for the living room. I mean, I may have came across a cat video and “liked” it on YouTube but that doesn’t mean that I am willing to watch cat videos all day on my TV.

How to get Youtube Leanback?

To experience YouTube Leanback yourself, simply go to www.youtube.com/leanback, and you’ll note that a selection of videos — your “feed” — plays immediately. This feed is created based on your YouTube settings and preferences. This includes videos from your subscriptions and stuff that your friends are sharing on Facebook (Provided that you have connected your Facebook account with YouTube). You can also watch the most popular comedy, entertainment, news, or more. And if you don’t care for the video that’s playing, use the right arrow key on your keyboard to skip ahead to the next video, or try the up/down arrows to search, access player controls, and browse channels and videos. The best thing about this interface is that you won’t need your mouse for this experience. Check out the video below to learn more:

Youtube Music Discovery

youtube music discovery engine

If you like music discovery engines that recommends you new music every time you listen to a song then you will definitely appreciate the new addition in the Youtube Labs – Youtube Music Discovery Project.

This new feature is not only a music discovery tool but also a video playlist maker for youtube. The page has a big search box on top of which says, “Find>Mix>Watch,” and once you enter a name of artist and hit the “Disco” button, the system automatically finds related artist/songs and mixes them on one single playlist for you.

You can enter any music group or artist, and it takes only few seconds before it populates you a nice play list, along with a thumbnail video and a description of the band right on the page. You can find related artists, create a mixtape, and save playlists directly from the page as well. The best part of this Youtube Music Discovery system is it lets you add or delete songs as you are listening to music and watching videos.

So lets say if you search for Pearl Jam, the results that you are likely to get in a playlist are Eddie Vedder & Co., Nirvana and Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins and Black Crowes etc.

So do you feel like discovering new music today? Try out youtube.com/disco

Super Bowl Ads Available on YouTube

Super Bowl XLIV is one of the most important game of the year out of all events on the American sports landscape where advertisers pay millions for a 30 seconds of your time on the big screen.

YouTube has just announced the launch of a dedicated Super Bowl ad channel at youtube.com/adblitz, which will allow viewers to vote on the commercials immediately after they air on TV.

The channel is sponsored by the car manufacturer Kia Motors and is a one-stop shop for everything Super Bowl-related. As soon as the ad is aired on the super bowl, the video will also go out on this particular channel on youtube where everybody can vote and comment. The top rated commercial will be featured on the YouTube homepage on Thursday February 18th.

[Source: Youtube Blog]

YouTube Offers Video Download

The official YouTube blog just reported that selected Youtube partners can now offer their videos for free or paid downloads.


Thai Tran, Product Manager of Youtube writes:

We’re also testing an option that gives video owners the ability to permit downloading of their videos from YouTube. Partners could choose to offer their video downloads for free or for a small fee paid through Google Checkout. Partners can set prices and decide which license they want to attach to the downloaded video files (for more info on the types of licenses, take a look here).

A lot of universities who shares their lectures and research like Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley and some others are already helping Youtube to test this Free download feature.

And a small number of YouTube partners, including khanacademy, householdhacker and pogobat are also participating in the paid download feature of Youtube, where the publishers can set a price for their content which the viewers can pay to download it straight to their PC.

How to Purchase a Video from YouTube?

Purchasing a video from YouTube is very simple indeed. When you are watching a video from any of the participating partner’s page, you should see a download/buy link just below the left-hand corner of the video (Check the screen shot above). If you wish to keep keep track of the videos you have previously purchased, you can go to the “My Purchases” tab under “My Videos.”.

If you wish to participate in this testing, you can find out more about the test and enter your information in this form.

Youtube Insights Shows Unique View Counts

youtube logoJason Kincaid at Techcrunch reports that YouTube has just released a brand new feature inside Youtube Insights which allow YouTubers’ to find how many unique visitors are watching their produced videos.

Even though YouTube videos displays their view counts to the public, It doesn’t really represent the true ‘unique views’. So if your friend watches your video 100 times – your video will show 100 views, even though
in reality its only 1 person watching it 100 times. But with this cool new addition in Youtube Insights, now the video produces will really get an idea about how many unique views their videos get.

youtube analytics

How Do I See my Video’s Unique View Counts?

To access this feature, simply go to the YouTube Insights page of your video and click ‘Show Unique Users’ under the ‘Views’ tab.

You should see a thin yellow line representing unique views alongside the standard green line showing absolute views.

Do you have any new youtube tips/news to share? Reply in comments!

Embed Youtube Videos with a specific timeline

I’m sure you know to how to embed a youtube video in your blog, right? The steps are simple:

First go to Youtube> Open the video that you want to embed > On your right, look for the embed code (Screen shot provided below) > Copy the Embed code and paste it in your blog! > The video will now appear on your blog.

But when you are embedding a video, by default it will start from the very beginning, but what if you want it to start from say 30 second mark? (Probably the first 30 second is boring or not relevant to what you are writing about). So in order to set a specific start position of the video, look for something called “start=x” (x is the start position in second) in the embed code. Below is an example:

<object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/11Fl9ZVJ7B8&hl=en&fs=1&start=15“></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/11Fl9ZVJ7B8&hl=en&fs=1&start=15” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

So this will make the video to skip the first 14 seconds and play from the 15th second. Cool isn’t it? Do you have any more youtube tips to share? Reply in comments!

Learn more about YouTube Embedded Player Parameters

YouTube Starts to Sell Music and Video Games

Youtube Selling Music and Video Games

Have you ever came across a song on Youtube and wanted to buy it? (Just like how you can in Myspace …) Well YouTube is actually counting on it! YouTube, which is now the world’s most popular online video blogging and sharing community, will start to sell music and video games via their website to grow revenue from its massive audience and eventually hope to justify the massive amount of money ($1.65 billion) they spent to acquire YouTube back in 2006.

The “click to buy” buttons has already started to appear in the U.S. today and it simply connect viewers to the product page on Amazon.com or Apple’s iTunes.

As a start, YouTube initially will receive a commission for each sale of songs from two major labels, EMI Music and Universal Music Group, and video games from Electronic Arts. But I think eventually YouTube will expand its horizon by promoting sales of other products such as movies, television shows and concert tickets.

Google usually does not disclose YouTube’s financials, but analysts at Piper Jaffray Research estimated that YouTube would earn about $200 million in revenue in 2009, compared with estimates of around $27 billion for Google.

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Youtube Videos in Google Search

Google has been featuring relevant Youtube videos in the Google Search results for quite some time. But recently I have noticed that they are displaying multiple videos in the space of 1 result. So its like 1 result space has been cut into two columns and each displaying one video that is directly linked to youtube. Check the highlighted portion in the screen shoot:

I am not sure since when they are actually displaying two videos in the place of one, but it seems like a new implementation (At least in my region – Malaysia).

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