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Twi.tt Lets you Share Almost Everything on Twitter

twi.tt - Share documents, pictures, video, audio, poll on Twitter

Sometimes I feel that there are just way too many applications and services surrounding twitter, but hay – if they are cool and useful I love to plug them and share it with everyone.

Today I stumbled upon Twi.tt – A new web service that lets you SHARE almost anything on twitter.

Share Stuffs on Twitter using Twi.tt

As you can see, by anything I mean absolutely ‘everything’ from pictures, videos, audio, poll and even documents! There is no sign up necessary, if you have a twitter account then you should be able to login with your twitter credentials and use their service.

The best thing about this service is, they allow multiple ways for you to give them the content that you wish to share. For instance, for image sharing they allow you to upload an image directly from your computer, from a web url, from your webcam (coming soon) & also via email (coming soon). Similarly for Audio, you can upload it as an audio file or record directly from your microphone (coming soon).

The only thing that I feel is missing from their service is the basic url shortening. Twi.tt is a great domain, so adding a url shortening service with stats (like bit.ly and su.pr) would be a great addition.

On their settings page they mentions that soon users will be able to send their media files from any email client & mobile phone that supports email.

So try Twi.tt and let me know if you like it!

BingTweets – Real Time Twitter + Bing Search

Bing along with Federated Media has developed quite a nifty service called BingTweets, which basically allows you to keep an eye on the twitter trending topic in a more detailed and real-time manner. Twitter trending topic by itself is not exactly very useful as it doesn’t really give you a context of what is happening. Moreover even though twitter’s built in search is ‘real-time’ but users always need to click a ‘button’ when new results are added.


BingTweets does a really good job of bring real-time conversations about the trending topics and at the same time bringing up the web search of that particular query on the same screen. Thus users will get a context of what these trending topics are and at the same time get more real insights on some of these topics. Because the fact is 140 characters isn’t enough to convey a full news to someone, however if people starts talking about “X” and it becomes a trending topic, then clicking on that will not only show you the conversation that is happening about X but at the same time give us some real insights from the Bing search results for that particular query.

One of the neat thing about BingTweets is, it pulls in trends from Twitter and automatically filters into categories such as “Popular Now,” “People,” “Places” and “Products” enabling easier navigation of the ever changing trends on the Web. You can also fire off a search on any topic of your choosing to see the related search results from Bing and Twitter discussion.

Whitney Burk, Director of Bing Search writes:

…when Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out tomorrow, you may want to scan the official reviews, local theater listing, AND the latest Tweets on the movie to help you decide whether to rush to see it. With BingTweets, you can cover all that ground in one place.

So check out BingTweets and let me know if you find it any useful!

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Do more with Twitter Favorites using Favstar.fm

favstar. fm - Twitter Favorites

Twitter always had a functionality to mark a tweet as “favorite”. However, I personally never even bothered to use it that often because it just didn’t have any good use. I only used it more like a “tweet bookmark” tool to save certain tweets which I wanted to come back to later.

But it looks like that Favstar.fm is going to change the way Tweet Favorite is being used. Favstar is looking at twitter favorites more like a social vote. So basically their main home page currently shows tweets that has been voted (a.k.a favorite’ed) a certain number of times. If you sign in via your Twittter login information, favstar also gives you a whole range of functionality, including the ability to follow people from directly from Favstar.fm and see what tweets your friends are favoriting. Also, by signing in it is very easy to see who is favoriting your tweets which in my opinion is an excellent insight for any twitter user.


Apparently there is another service called Favard that does something similar.

(via Techcrunch)

4 Tools for Finding Photos on Twitter

If you love images then you would appreciate some of the tools that I’m going to cover here that lets you search and view images from twitter. There are plenty of tools out there that lets you search twitter for text and hashtags. But twitter is now a huge source of pictures as well and sadly there aren’t that many tools out there that lets you search for images on twitter.

After a little digging i found four Twitter Image Search engines that does a really good job of indexing and displaying all the photos on twitter. But before I go any further I must warn you that the content that you will see on these photo search engines are all ‘user generated content’ and not moderated by anybody. Thus, you might come across pictures that are potentially dangerous for you and your children.

1. Twipho – Twitter Photo Search


Twipho is a relatively new twitter photo search engine developed by Mark Goddard. It has a very simple and straight forward interface that lets you search for pictures on twitter. Simply pop in your search query into the box at the top of the page and wait for your results. No need to press any buttons or hit the enter key. Twipho starts piling up images within seconds of you typing something on the search box. You can also change various search parameters such as image host selections. Twipho also gives you the ability to send images to your friends using email, retweet the images you like the most and view full size images as well as quick thumbnails. Take a look at their results page:

twitpho-results - Twitter image search engine

2. Picfog – Realtime Twitter Image Search

Pic Fog - Real Time Twitter Image Search Engine

Picfog is a real time twitter image search engine, which keeps on popping images on the screen in real time as they get tweeted on twitter. Every second 5-10 new pictures gets added and shown in real time on the home screen. It has also a search box where you can specify keywords to make it only show pictures related to that word/phrase. If you move your mouse over in any of the images it shows you the complete tweet along with any message/text that was included originally. Picfog also gives you the ability to follow that particular user or Re-tweet the image to your own followers. Here is a screen shot of how the home screen looks like:

Pic Fog Screen shoot - Twitter Picture Search Engine

3. Twicsy – Top Twitter Pics of Past Hour

twicsy - Top Twitter Pictures of Past Hour

Twicsy is a twitter picture search engine that particularly shows you the top twitter images of the past 1 hour. They also have options to show you top pictures of – 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours, day and week. Basically they keep count of how many times a picture gets re-tweeted to determine the popularity of an image. Twicsy lets you see who has re-tweeted the images and also lets you do the same. Here is a screen shot of how their homepage looks like:

Twicsy Image Search Engine

4. Twitcaps – Real-time Pictures From Twitter

twitcaps - twitter image search

Twitcaps is yet another real-time image search engine for twitter. Twitcaps allows you to search, browse and capture the latest images posted to Twitter via any of the popular Twitter image services (Twitpic, yFrog, Twitgoo, etc). From the Twitcaps interface, you may capture an image for later use, re-tweet the image on your own Twitter feed, or share the image on any number of social linking services. The feature of letting user “capture a picture” is something that I haven’t found in the other twitter image search engines. Basically capture in this context means that – while browsing images on Twitcaps, if you come across a picture that you really like, you can capture the image and save it under your own twitpic service. This means that if the user who originally posted their image should later decide to delete that image, then you will STILL have your copy of that image available to your Twitter account on both Twitcaps and Twitpic.com. This way, you can feel safe in re-tweeting the image or posting the image to any number of social linking services. Because you now control the image, you can be confident that the image will not disappear and the link to that image will never go away (until you delete it from Twitpic.com).

Twitcaps also has some advanced image filtering options. You may filter image by image host (e.g. Twitpic, flickr etc.) or you can also filter by language. Twitcaps also has a built in translation functionality that will help you to translate tweets on the fly. Here is a screen shoot of their home page:

twitcaps - real time twitter picture search

So did I miss any other cool twitter image search engine? Let me know via comments!

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Twittorati – The Technorati of Twitter

If you are a hard core twitter user then you will love Twittorati, which is a brand new site from the popular media search engine Technorati.

According to Techcrunch’s report, Twittorati pulls in the Tweets published by bloggers from Technorati’s list of Top 100 Blogs, which is basically determined by Technorati’s Authority Ranking. Authority Ranking is calculated via algorithm of inbound links from other blog posts, and weights those based on timing, relevancy and the inbound link’s site source Authority Ranking.


On the home page, they currently have 4 main section to show the most popular links that bloggers link to, the most popular photos, the most recent tweets by the top 100 bloggers and also the top 100 blogs with all the authors twitter profile. If you are looking to follow bloggers from the Internet’s most influential blogs then you should head over to this page.

The twitter feed on their home page, which shows the most recent tweets of the top 100 blogs can be sorted by authority as well as by most recent tweets. Clicking on the name of any of the top blogs in the sidebar nicely groups all the tweets from the authors of that particular blog.

Even though Twittorati is nothing ground breaking, but I think its a decent tool to keep your tabs on the tech industry. You can follow Twittorati on Twitter: http://twitter.com/twittoratinews

TweetStalk – Stalk People in Twitter Without Following

tweet-stalkMichael Arrington of Techcrunch shared a nice little twitter plugin today called – TweetStalk that will let you stalk a twitterers without having to follow them!

The site writes: “Stalk, Don’t Follow — Sometimes you want to follow someone on Twitter, but you don’t want them to know you’re following them. We present to you TweetStalk ? the simple way to stalk Twitter users without having to follow them. ”

How to Use TweetStalk

Step 1 – Download and Install The TweetStalk Firefox Addon

Step 2 – Click on the Stalk Button


Step 3 – Confirm the Twitter Account (If you’re not already logged in to your twitter account, you will need to log-in first for the first time you start using TweetStalk. Simply confirm your username and click on the Stalk button to start stalking….

My Two Cents

I’m not sure why people wouldn’t want to let the person know when they are following but I guess there are certain twitter users who likes to stay anonymous but still wants to deep into the twitter world. So if you prefer to “Stalk” people than to “follow” then TweetStalk is for you :)

TweeTag – Tag Search for Twitter

Tweet Tag If you like twitter, you might want to try out TweeTag, which is a brand new way to search Twitter, or ‘browse the Twittosphere’!

This web based application is fairly simple to use: you just need to enter a search tag, and Tweetag will automatically show public Twitter messages that contain that particular keyword, but more interestingly also a list of other tags that are related to it. The Homepage of Tweetag also displays the top 40 most recent/frequent tags, so you can easily get an idea of what’s hot on Twitter.

Tweetag - Search the Twittosphere

Twitter has its own Search functionality that they acquired from Summize, and I guess it won’t take them long to integrate this tagging feature into the Twitter’s defaullt search if its of real value to the user.

But I feel that twitter is really slow in making ‘changes’ and so It would be fair to say that until they can come up with such feature use Tweetag freely to monitor specific keywords and find out what’s hot on the popular micro-sharing tool in just a few seconds.

If you wish to integrate the results of Tweetag in your blog widget or other 3rd party applications, they have a API that you can use.

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