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Winners Circle – Internet Marketing Case Studies

winners-circle-review I am sure a lot of you often have this question in the back of your mind – “What do I need to excel in Internet Marketing and become successful on the web?” One of the most important things that you definitely need is the willingness to try out new things and also your ability to take some challenges and risks.

All marketers will agree that they learn things from experience and not by reading a book. Books often give out the ground concept (which is important), but it usually never gives out the actual scenario and cases which is a very essential learning experience for any student wanting to learn something new.

Studies have shown that case studies attached with some of the newer text books in the colleges and Universities are now more welcomed by the students & the professors because they have really seen the benefits of going through real-life scenarios rather than just grasping bookish concepts. But due to corporate red tapes & competition, big companies never actually gives out their secret ‘formula’, but rather they give generalized cases and best practices out to the publishing companies for printing in the text books.

Now Imagine the same thing for Internet Marketing, If you could really find out the ‘secret formula’ of some individual/company that became successful on the web – you can probably take a thing or two out from their formula and implement them on your own. So there might be a thing that took an expert 3 years to figure out, but if once you get that formula it will probably take you an hour rather than the 3 years that he spent perfecting it.

Winners Circle is a subscription based service to the Digital Library of all real Internet Marketing cases studies, with actual facts/figures & details that you won’t find anywhere. Imagine sitting on a cineplex and going over the secret strategy of some of the very successful entrepreneurs who are making a living now on the web by earning substantial revenue from their website/

It really took a lot of research by Gyutae Park – the facilitator of this digital library, who has done really an incredible job of researching, spying & combining all this information in one place – Winners Circle.

What’s Inside Winners Circle

1. Site analysis – What defines success? Find out more about the site’s level of traffic, income, and exposure as well as distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the pack.
2. Market Research – What are some of the challenges ahead for the site? Analyze the competitive landscape and look at trends for that specific industry or niche.
3. Traffic Generation Strategies – What are the biggest marketing strategies the site is employing to achieve success? Get ready to rip it apart and look at everything from link building tactics and SEO rankings to viral campaigns and PPC advertising.
4. Monetization Methods – What is the site’s business model and how does it make money? Study the proven business models that work online.
5. Site Potential – What is the long term potential of the site? What can it do to improve? Explore the risks and rewards of launching a similar type of site – and how you can do it better.
6. Key Lessons – So what? Case studies are only as good as the lessons you take away from them. I’ll direct you towards the ideas you should focus on.

Watch the Introduction video of Winners Circle by Gyutae Park

Well, I have personally got the chance to review the product and I must say that it is quite an extensive and “deadly” thing that Gyutae Park is putting out there. Why do I call it “deadly”? Well because, this Digital Library contains information that can really make a huge impact on your success, especially if you are just starting out. So I won’t be surprised if people start using some of these formulas straight away and see success…which will eventually increase the competition for everyone else on the market.

What Winners Circle is NOT

If you have followed my blog, you probably never saw me to promote a product before, and the reason is I never promote something that I personally don’t find useful. So I created a handy list for you to tell you what Winners Circle is NOT.

  • Its not an E-book. Its a subscription to a library which contains the winning formula for your Internet Business
  • There is no Marketing ‘hype’ or ‘mumbo jumbo’. You won’t make a penny, if you just read the materials. But if you implement some of the ideas that other successful businesses used then you might get lucky.
  • This is not the experience /case of any individual person.
  • It is straight to the point, there is NO “promise” or “guarantees” involved. Most of the Internet marketing materials that I came across is usually full of ‘hype’ and the first 50 pages or he first 50 mins of the video is always about what you will be “able” to do after you complete the training and so on. But Winners Circle thankfully doesn’t have those included with the actual material. You get exactly what you subscribe for
  • Its NOT overpriced like most of the marketing products out there. In fact I found it too cheap! Anyone who can afford to go to star bucks once a week for a coffee can try Winners Circle without any serious $$ trouble.

So What are you waiting for? Click the banner below to check out Winners Circle –

Top Internet Marketing Blogs – WinningTheWeb

Are you new to this Internet Marketing industry and looking for blog & resources to read? Gyutae Park, a successful Internet entrepreneur and SEO from Winning The Web has recently came up with an incredible dynamic list of Top Internet Marketing Blogs.

What is cool about this list it, it dynamically updates the ranking of the blogs that are inside the list by taking into several ranking metrics into consideration. Some of them are: No. of RSS Subscribers, Alexa Ranking, Yahoo Backlinks, Google PageRank along with some cool social metrics like No of StumbleUpon Reviews, Delicious Bookmarks, Technorati Ranking, social votes etc.

Things I like most about WinningTheWeb Internet Marketing Top Blogs List:

  • This list it completely dynamic. You can play around with it, for instance sort it in any order you want or view the list based on categories
  • Since the Ranking of the blogs keeps on changing constantly, its a good place for the people to keep track of the top players in the industry and also the new players with promising performance.
  • When a blog’s ranking changes in that particular list, it lists the variation in a column which is pretty cool
  • You can directly dip into the content of the blogs via RSS directly from the list
  • They give away cool badges like the the one below to show of your current ranking to your readers

How Can This List Be Improved in Future?

  • I’d want to see more ranking metrics to be included so that the ranking can become more unbiased and un-gameable.
  • Date of Last Update should be a compulsory metric to look at when ranking these blogs. Because readers want to read fresh content and not a blog that hasn’t been updated for months!
  • Looking for “high authority links” might also be a good idea. (e.g. how many .edu, .gov, .mil etc. links does a site have). Maybe a custom list of authority websites can be created and links from those domains can be valued higher.
  • Allow users to subscribe to the RSS of the blogs directly from the list. Currently they don’t have this feature present.

So hopefully WinningTheWeb will continue to come up with more tools and goodies for this industry and I thank Gyutae for making this wonderful resource for the community.

Hopefully he will take periodic feedback from all the bloggers and make the necessary changes/fixes/updates that needs to be done.

So don’t waste any time – head over to list of WinningTheWeb Top Internet Marketing Blogs.

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