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Google AdWords Display Ad Builder Videos

google-adwords-display-ad-builderThe official Google Adwords blog has just released a series of How-to videos for their Display Ad Builder.

Some of the topics covered on the videos are:

  • How to access the feature in AdWords
  • How to search for the display ad templates that are right for you
  • How to create an ad
  • How to create an ad with no images required
  • How to copy ads across ad groups
  • Full product tutorial

You can check out all the videos here.

Google Marketer’s Playbook Videos

I just stumbled upon Google Marketer’s Playbook – which is basically a series of educational talks where Googlers discuss strategies for getting the most out of AdWords and other Google products such as Google Analytics and YouTube.

Basically these videos were shot some time in April 2008 during the ad:tech digital marketing conference.

The videos are quite lengthy, But they are pretty informative and you can take away a lot of golden nuggets from here. So here goes! (If you are reading this via RSS/Email Please go here to watch the videos).

Optimization Strategies – Part 1 by Paul Coutts

Optimization Strategies – Part 2 by Geoffrey Stirling

Measuring &Tracking for Success – by Ashish Vij

Increase Your Advertising Reach – by Nicole Resz

Online Video Advertising – by Ryan Hayward & Robert Victor

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool for PPC

The Official Adwords blog just announced that they have released another tool called Search-based Keyword Tool (beta). With the help of this brand new tool an Advertiser can now make a better sense of what his potential customers are searching for and which keywords he should advertise on.

How Does Google Search-Based Keyword Tool Works

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land has already done a more detailed review of Google Search-Based Keyword Tool.

What it does is, basically it looks at your pages and finds out keyword that people are searching for in the Google Search engine but you are not targeting them in your Adwords Campaign. Baris Gultekin who is the Business Product Manager of Google Search-Based Keyword Tool told SEL that the value in this unique tool is that it gives advertisers a look at keywords that they are currently not targeting, that might bring in a positive ROI to the campaign. For example, a site that sells watches can use this tool to find a popular model or brand that they are currently not advertising for but has a lot of positive amount of searches in the search engine.

Trevor Claiborne at Inside AdWords Blog explains:

….you know that the Google search engine starts with searches conducted by users and helps them find relevant pages. But for keyword targeting, what you want is a tool that goes in the opposite direction by starting with your pages and identifying keywords that potential customers are searching on to find your products or services. The Search-based Keyword Tool does exactly this, leveraging search query data relevant to your website’s content. In other words, this new tool gives you keywords that are highly relevant to your site but are not part of your AdWords campaigns. This helps you take advantage of missed opportunities.

The Search-based Keyword Tool is currently available to advertisers of only US and UK. Google will be expanding to additional languages and more countries in the near future. You are welcome to try this tool out at http://www.google.com/sktool, and give the Adwords team your useful feedback.

My Two Cents

This is an excellent addition to the Google Adwords Tool family. I think this tool can also be used for competitive analysis. So if you have a strong competitor on your niche who spends a lot of money in adwords and sort of kills the whole market, you can easily run this tool on that domain and find out which keywords are they missing out and thus you can bid on those (at a low bid cost) and get all the traffic.

Google Adwords Search Ads Now Showing Images

Today Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land reported that Google is now showing images in Google’s online advertising platform adwords.

For instance, if you search for bluenile in Google Search, most of the time it returns a search ad for Blue Nile on the top of the SERP.

However This is not a regular search ad that you see every day, Do you notice a small “+” sign just before the Ad that says “Show products from Blue Nile for bluenile.”? If you click on that link, it opens up three product results directly from Blue Nile. Check out the screen shoot below:

Whats most interesting is the amount of space it takes once the user presses the expand button. Barry measured one ad to be 370 pixel tall.

My Two Cents
Well I like Google because they are always trying out new things rather than sticking with a conventional way of advertising. They are the first to come up with “contextual advertising” and now they are just implementing different features to give users a better experience and also to make “more money”.

Google AdWords Launches Display Advertising

Google Adwords Display Advertisement Google Adwords has announced today that they have stepped into the growing market of online display advertising.

They have released the AdWords display ad builder, that lets advertisers like you create very professional looking display advertisements in AdWords without needing to hire a graphics designer or start from scratch. If you always wanted to expand your horizon of online advertisement from the conventional text ad campaigns, or if you’ve been looking for an easier way to make display ads, this tool can really help.

So how difficult is it to build a display ad using Google’s New Tool? Just like any other Google product, they’ve done their level best to make it as simple as clicking few buttons. Just a few clicks here and there and you too will be on the path of becoming the creative director of your own online advertising company. Google Adwords team has put together a short video demonstrating how to create your first ad:

We’ve also put together a short video demonstrating how to create your first ad:

And if this doesn’t satisfy you, you can have a ore detailed look by watching a much longer version of the tutorial.

To start creating your display advertisements right away, simply click Display Ad Builder on the Create an ad page within a new or existing campaign in your Google AdWords account. If you want to learn more about creating, optimizing and running display advertisements, check out the new Display Ads 101 tutorial.

My Two Cents

Well its seems like Display Ads are back in Business! Just few days back I have Myspace MyAds was launched which lets advertisers to create display advertisements for Myspace. Google seem to have picked up the trend of Display ads quickly, as many marketing analysts has said that display ads are “back with a vengeance.”

Is contextual Ads dying off slowly? What do you think? Reply in comments!

What others Think about Google Adwords Display Ads:

Everything Old Is New Again: Google AdWords Launches Display Ads: ReadWriteWeb

Google launched Banner Ad Builder: John Nousis.com

Google Adwords Editor 6.5 – Keyword Opportunity Tool

google-adwordsGoogle has recently announced the release of their new version of Google Adwords Editor 6.5.  This brand new version introduces a cool new tool called Keyword Opportunities which will help you generate ideas for search keywords to target.


What is Adwords Editor?

AdWords Editor is simply a FREE downloadable software from Google that you can use to manage your AdWords campaigns instead of going to the adwords website to make your changes. Its biggest advantage over the Web based version adwords page is that it’s a lot faster. That’s a must have software for people who needs to manage large campaigns with a ton of keywords and lots of ads, landing pages, etc.

If you’re an existing Adwords editor user, you will be prompted to with an auto-update (all your campaigns, ad groups, settings, etc will be retained). If you are user of Google AdWords but never used AdWords Editor before, you can download the AdWords Editor 6.5 here (17 Mb).

Major Highlight of The Adwords Editor 6.5 – Keyword Opportunities tool

Keyword Opportunities tool basically helps you generate ideas for search keywords that you can target in your PPC campaign.




You can use the simply use expansion feature to generate keyword ideas.You’ll get a list of potentially related keywords with a 0-5 score for search volume and advertiser competition. You can also use the multiplier feature to combine 2-3 sets of lists to create new key phrases.

My Two Cents

I personally use Google Adwords Editor and find it pretty useful. However there so called new feature “Keyword Opportunities” isn’t really something new. It works exactly like the Google Keyword Tool (Web based), and in fact the web based tool is more detailed and should be used for extensive research. The only thing new in keyword opportunities tool is probably the multiplier feature; currently they don’t have it in the web based version. But overall i think its a good software to have, so if you haven’t tried it yet – Download Google Adwords Editor 6.5 now! Remember, its a 100% Free software from Google to manage your Adwords Account. Let me know how you find the software in the comments.

Google Image Search Ads

TechCrunch recently reported that Google has started to experiment with advertisement next to their image search results. Well honestly, this isn’t a big surprise, since Google announced back in May that they intend to test display ads in their search engine.

Checkout the screen shot below and notice how a Guinness Logo is appearing next to a Targeted ad where NHL Buffalo merchandise is being sold on a search for buffalo logos. I’m not sure why they are using a Guinness logo as a part of the ad, maybe its a glitch… only time will tell.

Here’s the screen shot:

There are currently different formats and positions for the ads, which combine a small image with a standard text ad. Google Operating System reports that Steve Poland has spotted a blended ad that looked deceivingly similar to an image result.
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