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Gmail Task Manager

Gmail Logo - Gmail Task ManagerGmail has recently added a cool new feature that will allow you to sort of keep a to-do list inside your Inbox. Currently the feature is available as part of Gmail Labs and Google OS Blog predicts that this will be the most popular experimental feature.

How to Enable Gmail Tasks

Simply login to your Gmail account and head over to Gmail Labs (Settings > Labs ) and there you will be see something like the following –

So simply click on “Enable” and Save your settings and then you are done! Your Inbox will reload and you should be able to see the following link –

How to Use Gmail Tasks

Click on the “Tasks” link and it will load your Gmail Task inside your Inbox.

Now you can start adding your tasks easily by clicking anywhere on the white space inside the task panel. You can also add emails to your to-do list by simply selecting an email and clicking on “Add to Task” from the More Action Menu. Illustration provided below:

Add your Email in Gmail Task

Google Operating System blog shared some useful shortcuts of Gmail Tasks:

  • Open the tasks box by typing g then k if you have keyboard shortcuts enabled.
  • Create a task from an email by pressing Shift+T if you have keyboard shortcuts enabled.
  • Navigate between tasks using the arrows.
  • Delete a task by deleting the text and hitting backspace.
  • Organize your tasks by indenting them — just hit Tab to indent and Shift+Tab to un-indent.
  • Ctrl+Up moves a task up the list and Ctrl+Down move it down.
  • Hit Shift+Enter when in a task to show its details

Read Write Web has done a nice video of Gmail Task in action. So you can have a look at its feature before trying it out yourself. Eric @ Techcrunch also did a write up on Gmail Tasks earlier.

My Two Cents

Certainly this is an awesome inclusion by the Gmail Team. But I’m very disappointed that this Gmail Task can’t stay fixed in my sidebar. I need click on the task link every time I need to open it. Before Gmail Tasks was available I used to be a huge fan of Remember the Milk for Gmail. I think I’ll still continue to use them as it still has a lot more features that Gmail Tasks doesn’t provide yet. But adding emails to to-do-list is something that is new and worth trying out!

Official Gmail Theme Launches

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch just reported that some lucky users were able to see a new button under their Gmail Settings Tab – Themes!

Yes thats right! It looks like Gmail Team is finally coming up with their own set of themes that Gmail users will be able to click-n-change! I guess most of the Gmail users will find this new addition very useful as users were kind of sick and tired of seeing the same ‘plain-boring-simple’ interface over and over again. My Gmail window is open almost 24/7 (as long as my laptop is turned on…), so you imagine how excited I am to hear about this cool new feature of Gmail!

Right now, I still don’t see the feature under my account. But I believe Google is rolling out this feature slowly to all of its users.

Update: Ok the news becomes official as Gmail Engineer, Annie Chen breaks the news today in the Gmail Blog that over 30 odd themes has been launched today for Gmail. I have looked through their theme database and I must say that their collection is substantia. There’s a shiny theme with chrome styling, another one that turns your inbox into a retro notepad, nature themes that change scenery over time, weather driven themes that can even rain on your inbox, and fun characters to keep you always in good company.

How to Activate Gmail Theme

In order to activate these cool Gmail Themes and fully customize your Gmail Inbox, Log on to your Gmail account and then go to the Themes tab under Settings. Google be rolling out these themes to everyone over the next couple of days, so if you don’t see them yet, check back soon!!

Gmail Gadgets: Google Calender and Docs

Gmail Gadgets - Google Calender and Docs

Google has recently added some useful sidebar options (a.k.a Google Gadgets) inside Gmail. Now you can add some of these useful gadgets on the side that show your appointments directly from Google Calendar and also your last five edited/added documents in Google Docs.

In the calender gadget you can view all your subscribed gadgets and also add events directly from your Gmail. Similarly you can use the Google Docs gadget to view your recent documents directly from your Inbox. You can customize your view options such as – only spreadsheets, only presentations, or only documents previously opened by you.

Gmail Labs is also planning to release an option that will let the user to cut and paste the URL of any Google gadget and turns that gadget into a sidebar item in Gmail.

However the feature isn’t very user friendly right now; it’s basically a sandbox mainly aimed at developers who want to play around with gadgets in Gmail. So I don’t really think its a good idea to install it right now.

How to Activate the Gmail Gadgets

Step 1- Log on to Gmail.com

Step 2- Click on Settings

Step 3- Move over to the Labs Tab

Step 4- Scroll down and you should see the gadgets. (Screen shoot provided below)

Step 5- Click on Enable & Save!

Gmail Gadgets