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Top Internet Marketing Blogs – WinningTheWeb

Are you new to this Internet Marketing industry and looking for blog & resources to read? Gyutae Park, a successful Internet entrepreneur and SEO from Winning The Web has recently came up with an incredible dynamic list of Top Internet Marketing Blogs.

What is cool about this list it, it dynamically updates the ranking of the blogs that are inside the list by taking into several ranking metrics into consideration. Some of them are: No. of RSS Subscribers, Alexa Ranking, Yahoo Backlinks, Google PageRank along with some cool social metrics like No of StumbleUpon Reviews, Delicious Bookmarks, Technorati Ranking, social votes etc.

Things I like most about WinningTheWeb Internet Marketing Top Blogs List:

  • This list it completely dynamic. You can play around with it, for instance sort it in any order you want or view the list based on categories
  • Since the Ranking of the blogs keeps on changing constantly, its a good place for the people to keep track of the top players in the industry and also the new players with promising performance.
  • When a blog’s ranking changes in that particular list, it lists the variation in a column which is pretty cool
  • You can directly dip into the content of the blogs via RSS directly from the list
  • They give away cool badges like the the one below to show of your current ranking to your readers

How Can This List Be Improved in Future?

  • I’d want to see more ranking metrics to be included so that the ranking can become more unbiased and un-gameable.
  • Date of Last Update should be a compulsory metric to look at when ranking these blogs. Because readers want to read fresh content and not a blog that hasn’t been updated for months!
  • Looking for “high authority links” might also be a good idea. (e.g. how many .edu, .gov, .mil etc. links does a site have). Maybe a custom list of authority websites can be created and links from those domains can be valued higher.
  • Allow users to subscribe to the RSS of the blogs directly from the list. Currently they don’t have this feature present.

So hopefully WinningTheWeb will continue to come up with more tools and goodies for this industry and I thank Gyutae for making this wonderful resource for the community.

Hopefully he will take periodic feedback from all the bloggers and make the necessary changes/fixes/updates that needs to be done.

So don’t waste any time – head over to list of WinningTheWeb Top Internet Marketing Blogs.

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