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Google Video for Business

Google Video for BusinessGoogle now brings video into its empire of Web apps with Google Video for Business, a new service that allows video sharing among employees. The idea behind this is indeed very simple and straight forward – anyone at a company can post a video, but the content will be accessible only to others at the same organization.

Google Video for Business integrates with other Google apps that are available in the Google Apps Premier Edition Package ($50 per user per year).

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome BrowserGoogle Chrome is an open source web browser developed by Google using the WebKit rendering engine. The beta release date is scheduled for September 2, 2008.

Google’s Chrome Browser is not a rumor anymore, it’s so real that its almost available to users for download. According to the Google Blog Chrome will become available for download today in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

The best part of Google Chrome is its open source, so in no time you would see hundreds of useful plugins being developed for it (just like firefox). Which will eventually make it yet another competitor of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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Google Suggest in Google Search

The Official Google Blog has recently reported that it will start to roll out Google Suggest as the default option for all search performed in Google. Search suggest will let the searcher formulate queries with more ease, reduce spelling errors, and at the same time save keystrokes. An example screenshot is presented below:

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Google Docs Auto File Upload

Google Docs Supports Automatic File Upload

Google Docs has recently added an option to upload files directly from any web address. However it’s not very useful if you want to load many documents or you want to add a link for uploading a document. Here’s the direct link that can be used to open a document from the web in Google Docs:


This command will for documents (.doc/.txt/.html/.rtf/.odt), spreadsheets (.xls/.csv/.ods), presentations (.ppt) and PDF files.

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MindMentor – Your first AI Psychologist

Mind MentorWhen People are affected by emotional problems or issues they are often uncomfortable to talk to someone about it. At times they are even reluctant to see a psychologist. Now, they can confidentially consult online MindMentor, the first robot psychologist. And guess what, It will only cost them €4.95 for one hour session (or about US$7.65 as of today). MindMentor has been developed by two Dutch psychologists specialized in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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