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How to Position your Blog in the Market the ‘Right Way’

positioning your blog in the market the right way

This is a guest post written by Paul Wallis of Webprofits.com.au, an online marketing agency based in Australia. Full Author Bio can be found at the end of the article.

There are two basic types of blogging- Productive and unproductive. A productive blog is properly targeted to its market. An unproductive blog misses its targets regularly. If you’re a typical commercial blogger, there’s no midpoint. You need to connect with your market effectively and constantly. That means you need to provide information which is useful to your audience and in touch with the most interesting and important issues on the market.

Blogging and Marketing Basics

There’s a basic concept in marketing which defines exactly what all blogs need, and it’s called “Positioning”. For blogs, this includes:

  • Information type, value and quality
  • SEO placement
  • Currency of information
  • “Brand identity”, the process of establishing a presence in your market

The positioning is the public face of your blog, and it’s also your primary point of sale for your commercial interests. It’s also the means of accessing your blog and an interest generator.

For example:

If your blog is about web design:

  • Information type: Value and quality is critical to an audience which will be largely comprised of experts. Your position in this case has to be a source of good information, created to meet the standards and expectations of your demographic.
  • SEO placement: Page rankings in a specialized field have to be earned, using good quality, relevant keywords, and good quality links.
  • Currency of information: In a specialist field, your information must be current, not material the audience has already seen. Stale blogs tend to be ignored.
  • Branding: “Brand identity” is the development of your positioning, establishing your own identity and enhancing the image of your blog.

The Big Don’ts of Marketing and Blogging

It must be noted at this point that blog positioning can go backwards, as well as forwards. There are some very serious “Don’ts” in blog marketing related to positioning:

  • Don’t get repetitive. This is fatal, and simply turns off the audience.
  • Don’t get stuck on a single line of information in your blog. Cover as many related fields as possible.
  • Don’t use lower quality materials in your blog. Keep up your standards, and you’ll keep your audience. If you’re outsourcing materials, get them from the best suppliers and freelancers.
  • Don’t assume your readers will read anything. They won’t. They’ve got the whole world to choose from. Your market position needs to be maintained, or it will inevitably deteriorate.

The Do’s of Marketing and Blogging

To develop and reinforce your blog:

  • Maintain interest: Use new materials, new forms of presentation and new ideas.
  • Ask for feedback: You need feedback to know what’s working and what’s not. Make sure you have a healthy interaction with your audience at all times.
  • Be creative and innovative: If you’ve got a new idea you’d like to try, do it. This stops you going stale, too, and it will generate a lot of interest.

The best blogs are fun, interesting and well positioned in their fields. Get your positioning right, and your blog will always be popular.

About the Author
Paul Wallis is an award winning professional freelance writer, and does a lot of writing in the SEO field. He works in the US, Canada, Australia and Belgium. He’s published 12 books on lulu.com and some of some of his other work can be found at Digital Journal.

Discover Popular Facebook Pages to “Like”

facebook page discovery

Facebook just rolled out a new feature called “Facebook Page Browser” that lets you discover new facebook pages that are popular among your friends in 10 different categories and also within both local & global region.

The 10 categories by which the pages are currently divided are: Musicians, Sports, Celebrities, Movies, TV Shows, Media, Publications, Brands, Games & a category called “All” which presumably consist all of the above & other general pages. Clicking on any category displays all the pages of that category and the result seem to be endless as you can always click “show more” at the bottom of the site to find more facebook pages. Moving your mouse over any of the facebook page icons changes your mouse cursor to a facebook like button so that you can easily like a page without having to go inside the page itself. Remember that when you like a page all the latest updates of that particular page will start showing up on your facebook newsfeed.

On the right side of the facebook page browser, you should also see a list of 25 of your friends who has similar interest as you. The list is compiled by calculating how many mutual likes you and your friend have. If you click on any of the names from the list, it will basically show you a list of pages both you and your friend liked.

Interestingly, not long ago facebook introduced their suggested interest list, which had very similar implementation. Now its not clear to me whether the old suggested interest list will be replaced by this new page browser instead.

Check out the Facebook Page Browser: http://www.facebook.com/pages/browser.php


I must point out that the above feature is only visible if you are logged into facebook. If you want to find & browse facebook pages without logging into facebook you can check out the general Facebook page directory here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/?browse

[via Inside Facebook]

Youtube Instant – Find Videos Instantly

youtube instantIf you like what Google has done with Google Instant, then you are going to like this new Youtube Mashup, “Youtube Instant” – http://ytinstant.com/ created by a Stanford university student – Feross Aboukhadijeh.

yotube instant screen

With the same principle as Google Instant, this new youtube mash up lets you search YouTube videos and get instant results as you type in your search query. Currently only one of the best matched video is returned on the search result page and the video gets played automatically without availability of any sort of traditional YouTube player control (e.g. Play/Pause).

In an interview with AllThingsD, the creator Ferros mentioned that he coded Youtube Instant in 3 hours in order to fulfill a bet he had with his friend.

After the news of this service broke, YouTube’s CEO & Co-founder Chad Hurley informally offered Feross a job via Twitter.

So check out Youtube Instant: http://ytinstant.com/

Google Instant – Search The Web Instantly As you Type

google instant

Google has just rolled out a new product – Google Instant that lets you search the web instantly the moment you start typing your search query in Google’s Search Box. Googler Marissa Mayer called it “search at the speed of thought.”

According to Google, the average search takes about 25 seconds, and about 24 of those tick by while you’re either typing keywords or deciding which result to choose. Google has been working really hard over the years to improve the speed of their server, network architecture, internet backbone, browser technologies to deliver search results faster. And I have to say that they did a pretty good job on that. However there are certain human factors which are beyond Google’s control – for instance, what if the searcher can’t seem to find the right result, or what if the searcher can’t communicate what he wants via a search phrase etc. Google has tried to tackle some of the human factors with products like Google Suggest which is Google’s auto complete feature for search keywords, the auto spelling correction, related searches and so on.

But now with this new Google Instant, they really want to take everything to the next level. Google Instant takes what you have typed already, predicts the most likely completion and streams results in real-time for those predictions—yielding a smarter and faster search that is interactive, predictive and powerful.

Some Cool Features of Google Instant:

Truly Dynamic Results – Google dynamically displays lots of relevant search results as you type in your search query. You don’t need to click anything or even hit enter. This allows you to easily interact with your results and click through to the web content you need.

Auto Predictions – One of the key technologies in Google Instant is that it can predict the rest of your query (in light gray text) before you finish typing your complete search phrase. So if you happen to find what you need, you don’t need to complete your search phrase.

Scroll to search – Google Instant allows you to Scroll through predictions and see results instantly for each as you arrow down.

Google Instant – Demo Video

Check out Google Instant: http://google.com/instant

The Google Beat

google beat logoDo you like to keep yourself on top of all the latest trends & happenings around you? Then you must try out the Google Beat. Google beat is a regular video series with it’s host Anne Espiritu, who goes over some of the hottest searches on Google in the United States. The search data is compiled from Google’s very own public tools like Google Trends & Google Insights for search and they are presented in a nice High Definition video podcast with some context & news surrounding the searches.

Google Beat – Premier Episode 1

Google Blog officially announced the opening of the Google beat youtube channel today and writes:

Using data from Google Trends, Google Insights for Search and some additional tools, the Google Beat will give you a snapshot of some of the topics that prompted people to turn to the web over the past week. You’ve probably seen our previous deep dives into Google search trends, like our annual year-end Zeitgeist and posts here about search trends related to events like the World Cup, the Oscars® and beyond. Searches can be unexpected, and sometimes what’s popular one week could never have been predicted the week before (think of Falcon Heene, last October’s “balloon boy” or Steven Slater). We’re looking forward to seeing what our data will reveal.

So if you are interested you should check out Google beats premier video embedded above (or click here), and don’t forget to subscribe to the Google Beat YouTube channel to get the regular updates.

Personally I really like the idea and I did enjoy the premier video. However I’d love the videos to be slightly longer and cover some of the international searches too. In case Google hasn’t noticed, there are people who uses google search outside the U.S.

4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing

This is a Guest Post by Michael Jenkins, Director of Shout Web Strategy. Shout is an online marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia that is specialized in Search marketing, conversion rate optimization and web usability testing and more. You can read more of their articles in the Shout Blog.

4 Pillars of social media

No matter how big or small your business is, you are most likely trying to tap into the new media that has evolved in the last couple of years. Social media is the cool kid in town. Every website owner now works extra hard to get some ‘social love’. There are lots of factors that determine the success of your website or campaign in the social media space. But if you focus the right amount of time on the four main pillars of social media marketing, you are most likely to succeed. The four pillars are: Research, Content, Socialize and Testing.

It is logical to start any decent social media and SEO strategy with research. The more knowledge and tools you accumulate, the better prepared you will be for your tasks and the upgrade of your site’s content. As you know, websites would simply not exist without content, and search engines would have nothing to monitor and analyse. In a way, content is the glue that holds everything together and, therefore, should be considered as one of the main component of social media marketing.
Every successful marketing strategy slots in time for socialising. This is necessary, to spread the word about your company’s brand. Just think about it, if nobody hears about your products and services, who will buy them?

Aside from research, producing quality content and promoting your company through social media sources, marketers should also spend a fair amount of time testing. Analysing your website’s performance is one of the most efficient ways to determining your strengths and weaknesses. Now that we have established which components are vital to your online survival, and why, lets look at them in detail below:


Doing proper research is very much needed in the social media space. It has to be conducted often and at regular intervals. Listen to what your audience says, because if you don’t, you will be unable to understand what their needs are and eventually your online presence will fade. You can avoid such a disastrous situation by incorporating social media monitoring programs into your online marketing strategy. Without your collected social data, the guidance of your audience, the support of influencers, and a chance to participate in real-time marketing opportunities, you will be flying blind in cyberspace.

While there are many things to monitor, pay close attention to these 4 elements, as they can help you achieve success in your social media campaign:

  • Define Your Social Channels – If you know your audience, you know where they socialise online. Do they interact on Facebook or Twitter, or are they LinkedIn members? Some people prefers media sharing sites like YouTube and Flickr, while others regularly visit popular forums and niche blog sites. Through social media monitoring you will discover where your followers gather, which will help you decide which social channels you should focus on most.
  • Acquire Social Keyword Insight – Proficient social media monitoring tools are able to analyse anchor text, tags, comments, and other forms of written content to identify keywords associated with your particular monitoring requests. The results of such an inquiry can be quite helpful as they will show you which subjects your audience is interested in. Furthermore, once you know your followers’ web behavior and interests, you can manipulate your website’s content and optimise around those ‘hot’ topics.
  • Identify Your Influencers – Research will also help identify your influencers, or the people who are – intentionally or unintentionally – promoting your company. Once you have categorised your influencers, you can prioritise who you want to connect with.
  • Track SERPs – Social media monitoring resources do not track search engine results pages (SERPs), but you can. Monitor key terms that are relevant to your business, as well as the social sources that use them. For instance, if Google displays blog posts containing certain competitive keyword phrases first, you may benefit greatly from blogging or commenting on those issues. Just don’t forget to include a back link to your own site.


One of the growing industries in online marketing revolves around Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the creation, optimisation, and promotion of web content. Copywriters, editors and publishers pop up like wild mushrooms, creating great quantities of new content, and giving all businesses a chance to acquire a wide variety of promotional materials. Be careful though, as not all content is appropriate or of good quality. Many people believe they are superb writers, when in fact, they are not. Beginners or hobbyists simply do not have the skills, or they only practice traditional paper writing, which is quite different from the keyword-rich content necessary to stand out on the Internet. Publishing content online is more than uploading creative features and information about your products and services. Today, customers want more, and expect web pages with inviting images, informative videos, relevant audio, charts & statistics, and various file types that can be used for promotional purposes on social channels. Search engines recognise highly targeted content quicker, which will benefit your rankings. The faster you show up in a Google, Bing or MSN search query, the sooner potential customers will find you!


Socialising is quite beneficial to those companies familiar with the most popular social media sources in their industry, a target audience, and rock solid content. But that is not enough. They also need a plan to connect all these elements so they can be used to communicate with their customers and prospects.

Be smart and don’t waste your marketing efforts. Instead, concentrate them on the following three socialising aspects:

  • Study Your Buyers’ Personalities – Discover what your customers do on social sites. Widen your research so you will also find out what their consumption and sharing preferences are. What persuades them to buy something, and who do they share their shopping experiences with?
  • Expand your Social Networks – Although a lack of time is often the main cause, there are numerous reasons why marketers fail to expand their social network circles. Nonetheless, it is important to maintain your social connections. Even if you are overloaded with work, try to spend at least 10-30 minutes a day writing blogs, following up on comments, updating your Facebook page, tweeting, etc. That is all you need to keep networks growing organically.
  • Carefully Select Your Promotions – Familiar with the preferences of your audience, you can now develop promotions that will further your business. Blogs are quite helpful, but so are other advertising features like cartoons, videos, and audio sound bites. Switching between different promotional options will give you valuable exposure on all your preferred social media sites.


Anyone involved in web development & maintenance, social media marketing, and SEO understands that ‘testing’ is crucial to success. Though many social media analytics and monitoring tools are free, or cost little; they usually take little time to learn. Do not ignore them, but use them to your advantage. Study the information they provide thoroughly and monitor your progress as you optimise your keyword selection, improve your content, and upgrade your social media strategy. Do A-B testing and see which one works and which doesn’t.

Changes do not translate into overnight, earth-shaking results, not even if you employ the most elaborate social media strategy. Be patient, and before you know it, your online identity will start to grow. Success will be yours, but remember, you will have to keep up the good work to continue with your success.

Adsense Content Ad Units Revamped!

Official Google adsense blog reported that Google adsense team is working on a revamped design of three of the Adsense for Content Ad units. The new units are more space efficient and visually appealing for users with the change in the layout of the text.

According to Google, they have done a lot of testing (I’m sure they have) and starting the first revamp initiative with the following ad units:

Leaderboard (728×90): the title, description, and URL are now arranged in rows instead of columns (except in the case when only one single ad is showing)
Medium and large rectangles (300×250, 336×280): the URL is now in the same line as the title

In addition to the layout, Adsense publishers may also see a few minor adjustments made to the font size. For instnace, the font size for the leaderboard with four ads is much more readable now compared to the previous version.

Here is a sample of how they may look like:


My Two Cents: I’m personally very excited about this news from both Advertiser and Publisher stand point. I do like the new design/layout of the Adsense Content ad units and I’m pretty sure that this will have a big positive impact on the CTR. I am yet to see these units popping up anywhere on the web but as I understand, Google is slowly rolling this feature out to all Adsense publishers.

So what do you think of this new ad design? Share in the comments!

Saad’s Hot Picks – July 15, 2010

Get Firefox Home on your iPhone – Firefox Home provides access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs on your iPhone. Get up and go and have exactly what you are looking for on the Web on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Google Algorithm – Google had made a number of acquisitions over the years which puts them in competition with several other businesses. Does Google favors their own services over others? Well, New York Times thinks so and they are suggesting that Google should be regulated. But Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land brought up some things about NYT and explains why it should be regulated instead.

Exclusive: Apple’s FaceTime coming to iPod touch, iPad – Boy Genius Report has a pretty interesting scope today with some screen shots & details!

Google Announces Second Quarter 2010 Financial Results – “Google had a strong second quarter,” said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. “Solid growth in our core business and very strong growth in our emerging businesses drove 24% revenue growth year over year.

Apple Is Not Expected to Recall Troubled iPhone – As Apple prepared to address the mounting controversy surrounding the antenna of the iPhone 4, one thing appeared clear: the company does not plan to recall the popular device.

Twitter Continues To Help You Figure Out Who Exactly Is Following You – Twitter’s notification emails that are sent when you have a new follower are getting a much-needed makeover.The new emails have a cleaner interface and now include the follower’s location and bio. This should help users easily detect if a follower is a spammer. This is indeed an excellent addition.

Yahoo Begins Testing Bing Powered Results This Month – Yahoo has confirmed today that they will be testing Bing powered results in the live search results.

WordPress And Thesis Go To Battle. Mullenweg May Sue. – Matt Mullenweg vs Chris Pearson and a never ending debate.

Video: David Letterman’s Top 10 Signs You’ve Purchased A Bad iPhone 4 – You got to watch this :)

Tweet With Your FACE: Why Big Brands Need Social Brand Ambassadors – Brian Carter writes why sometimes its better for a brand to have a face associated with their social media strategy.

Saad’s Hot Picks – July 13, 2010

Why Consumer Reports can’t recommend the iPhone 4 – It’s official. Consumer Reports’ engineers have just completed testing the iPhone 4, and have confirmed that there is a problem with its reception.

Waging war on WordPress: Posterous prepares the switch – Looks like posterous is creating a tool everyday so that people can quickly migrate their old data from other platforms to their own. Looks like tomorrow its “Migrate from WordPress to Posterous” day!

Microsoft Opens Windows 7 SP1 Beta out to Public – Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 (along with SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2) for public beta testing. However, please note that the intended audience at the moment is enterprise users, not consumers.

Google Suggest as a Context-Sensitive Spell Checker– Google operating system reported that the Google Suggest that automatically does spell check for you when you miss spell something in your search query is context-sensitive…erm interesting!

Wrapping up World Cup Coverage with Yahoo! Search – World cup pretty much made everyone crazy (even the netizens). Digg deep into what they were searching for during the world cup.

Microsoft Launches Outlook Facebook Integration – Microsoft has integrated Facebook and Windows Live Messenger into Outlook, bringing the newsfeeds of millions of Facebook users into inboxes across the world.

Man Claims Ownership of Facebook – This one is kind of funny, a New York judge has issued a temporary restraining order restricting the transfer of Facebook Inc.’s assets, following a suit by a New York man who claims to own an 84% stake in the social-networking company.

YouTube ‘Partner Grants’ to Offer Money to Video Creators – With hopes of producing more high-quality content, YouTube is ready to provide financial support for some of its amateur auteurs.

It’s Time to Prepare for the End of the Web as We Know It – A great piece by Steve Rubel on Digital Communications

Saad’s Hot Picks is Back!

I’m going to resume my Hot picks section that I started half a year back. Hot Picks is basically my personal curation of links of all the hottest stuff/news on the web and I’ll combine all them as one single post and put it up here, everyday. Since I don’t have much time to blog about each of them anymore I’m just going to link out to the best stories that are out there. So here goes..

Yahoo Style Guide is Available for order: Is it Web site, website, or web site? What’s the best on-screen placement for a lead story? How can you better know your site’s audience? Why should you? If you want to learn how to write and edit for a global audience
through best practices from Yahoo! then get the Yahoo Style Guide, which is available for order now.

Show Multiple Business Address of a particular area in your Google Adwords Ad: With the makeover of the Adwords Location extensions, you can now show multiple addresses that are relevant to a potential customer’s location.

Google’s Do-It-Yourself App Creation Software – Google is bringing Android software development to the masses by offering a very simple software tool that is intended to make it easy for people to write applications for its Android smartphones.

Google Working On Secret New Ad Format: “Interactive Video Ads”: So finally Google is thinking of a different way to monetize beyond those blue text links.

Google Maps Labs Adds Automatic Short URL For “Link” Feature: If you often link to maps, you are going to appreciate this new lab feature of Google maps that allows you to shorten the Maps “Link” to be a more compact URL.

Android Market Will Hit 100,000 Apps This Month : So you still think android platform doesn’t have apps? Think again…

Would Gaming Fuel A Google Social Network? – Google has recently shown some interest in gaming & social networks (by putting $100 mil in Zynga) and also by ‘staying quite’ about the rumors about a new Google social platform “Google Me”.

How Google’s buy of ITA signals where it’s headed in real estate – Google has recently bought one of the biggest airfare search & pricing provider ITA, and now everyone is trying to guess what are they going to do with it. Are they going to integrate it fully in search?

YouTube Leanback – YouTube for TV

youtube leanback - youtube tv If you are addicted to YouTube then you are going to love this new beta interface that youtube has put up – Its called “Youtube Leanback“. As the name implies, YouTube Leanback is basically all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained by all the crazy cat videos great video content that YouTube has to offer. The best part of this interface is It works exactly like a TV channel; you basically tune in to YouTube Leanback and it automatically starts playing videos tailored to your interests and stuffs that you liked before. The videos play in full screen and in high definition. It doesn’t require any input from the user as it plays continuously one video after another. You don’t need to click, search or even browse for videos – you get them all automatically like a broadcast of a TV channel.

This is a basically Google’s move to put YouTube on your living room and essentially on all television sets & set top boxes that has access to the Internet. However I don’t quite like the way they recommend videos. I know its largely done automatically by the algorithm based on my preference & social graph, however I think Google needs to go one step forward here and find out a way to make these video content really ‘suitable’ for the living room. I mean, I may have came across a cat video and “liked” it on YouTube but that doesn’t mean that I am willing to watch cat videos all day on my TV.

How to get Youtube Leanback?

To experience YouTube Leanback yourself, simply go to www.youtube.com/leanback, and you’ll note that a selection of videos — your “feed” — plays immediately. This feed is created based on your YouTube settings and preferences. This includes videos from your subscriptions and stuff that your friends are sharing on Facebook (Provided that you have connected your Facebook account with YouTube). You can also watch the most popular comedy, entertainment, news, or more. And if you don’t care for the video that’s playing, use the right arrow key on your keyboard to skip ahead to the next video, or try the up/down arrows to search, access player controls, and browse channels and videos. The best thing about this interface is that you won’t need your mouse for this experience. Check out the video below to learn more:

Gmail Rich Text Signature

Adding a Rich Text / HTML Signature in Gmail was not natively possible before. So people had to download browser plugins or use different Greasemonkey scripts to make those ‘shiny’ signatures to work.

But thanks god that Google has finally listened to their users and started supporting Rich Text Signatures out of the box in Gmail. Simply go to your Gmail Settings page and the option will be right there for you. You can now customize your signature by adding pretty formatting, links, and images — or decide to leave things nice and simple.

gmail rich text signatures

The feature has also been added to all Google Apps users, so if your company has been using text based signature all this while – It is time for you to move to a more creative version of email signature!

Gmail now also supports a unique signatures for each email address that you have associated with your account. So you can use a different signature for each of the accounts that you use to send out emails from. On the Gmail Settings page, you can edit the signature for each account by changing the email address that appears in the dropdown menu.

[Source: Official Gmail Blog]

Google DevFest Malaysia 2010


Good news for Malaysia! Google DevFest Southeast Asia 2010 is now coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 16th of July.

DevFest events are a really great opportunity to learn more about Google technologies, new APIs & other developer products. Google DevFest Malaysia 2010 will give you a chance to meet Google developers and engineers in person and ask them any questions that you may have about the Google products. Best of all, DevFest events are free for all developers! However seats at Google DevFest Malaysia 2010 are very limited, so you need to register early.

Google DevFest Malaysia 2010

Date: July 16, 2010 (8:30am – 6:00pm)

Venue: Technology Park Malaysia, Ground Floor, Enterprise 4, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

View Larger Map


– 8:30am – 9:30am – Registration
– 9:30am – 10:00am – Introduction
– 10:00am – 10:45am – Maps
– 10:45am – 11:00am – Break
– 11:00am – 11:45am – Chrome
– 11:45am – 12:00pm – Demos
– 12:00pm – 2:30pm – Lunch & Google Office Hours
– 2:30pm – 3:30pm – Social
– 3:30pm – 4:30pm – Apps
– 4:30pm – 6:00pm – Hackathon

Topics Covered: This year the primary topics of interest are – Chrome/HTML5, Google App Engine, Social APIs, Maps API and more.

For more info about the event & registration, visit the official page.

So are you going to Google DevFest Malaysia 2010?

Get Yahoo on your Andorid Phone

Yahoo has finally released Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail & Yahoo! Messenger for the Android mobile platform. With the yahoo search widget, android users can access web search directly from their mobile’s home screen.

yahoo mobile andorid

The user interface of this widget is pretty simple and fits nicely on the size of your phone screen. You can interact with the widget by not only typing (via the touch screen) but also using your own voice. (Yes, it supports voice input, but I believe this is a feature of the phone/android OS itself). But regardless of how you enter the query, Y! search suggestions will help you to find what you’re looking for. The new Yahoo! Mobile search results also shows different shortcuts, news and deeper results only a tap away. For instance if you search for “world cup” it gives a concise set of the latest scores and news, with deeper results about the games, the players the stats and so on.

Yahoo Search Widget for Android

To get Yahoo! search widget on your android phone, firstly download the app from the Android Market and then touch and hold your homescreen. A list will popup, select Yahoo Search from the widget menu — and viola; it’s going to be on your home screen!

Yahoo Mail & Messenger for Android

Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger is also available on all Android devices now as standalone applications, but are also integrated to provide an optimal Yahoo! communications experience. Both the apps comes with features like rich text formatting, Yahoo! emoticons, and access to the Yahoo! Address Book, in apps that are designed from the ground up for the Android platform.

Features Yahoo! Mail App for Android:

– Push notification of new email messages
– Availability of Yahoo! Address Book as well as contacts in the native phone address book
– Good Search Feature. You can search email messages by sender, recipient, subject and keywords in the body of the email
– You can upload photos as attachments directly from camera or your android’s photo gallery
– You can toggle between the Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger apps with ease

Get Yahoo! Mail App for Andorid here.

Features of Yahoo! Messenger App for Android:

– Easy Contact management. Check friends’ status updates & availability as well as update their own status & availability
– Send instant messages to friends via SMS text messages
– Y! Messenger can run in the background with full multitasking support
– Full use of emoticons and rich text formatting
– Send photos to friends directly from the phone’s camera or the photo gallery

Get Yahoo! Messenger for Android here.

You can try out the Yahoo! Search widget and other available yahoo widgets by scanning the barcode below with your Android phone.

Yahoo Barcode for Android

Yahoo Real-Time Search Suggestions

Yahoo has recently updated their Yahoo! search assist to provide near real-time search suggestions to the users. Yahoo Search assist is very similar to Google Suggest that gives you search phrase suggestions as you type in a query in the search box.

However with the new Yahoo Search assist the suggestions that you will get are likely to be ‘real-time’ and a bit ‘time aware’ says Linda Wang, Senior Product Manager of Yahoo Search. So if you want to find out who will Netherlands play next in the world cup, you can search – “Netherlands vs” and Yahoo search assist will automatically show you suggestion based on real-time results.

yahoo realtime search assist

This feature also works in the Yahoo News search, thus when you are searching for a news story you will get real time news search suggestions based on the keywords that you enter in the search box.

Yahoo News Search Suggest

For some reason, I couldn’t really test out this feature as its not working at my end. This might be one of those “US only” additions. I personally think that this feature would be excellent for mobile devices.