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New StumbleUpon 3.27 Beta – New Features Added

Stumble Upon Beta One of the most popular Social Bookmarking site – StumbleUpon is going through some major changes as seen in their latest 3.27 Beta. Some of the most prominent changes of the new StumbleUpon are:

Unique Thumb Down Button which has the following options:

1. Not-for-me — You can tell StumbleUpon that the content doesn’t suit you.
2. Stumbled this before — This option lets SU know that you have previously stumbled the page
3. Too much like this lately — Tired of stumbling the same ‘kind’ of pages? This feature will definitely help!

Some other new feature includes:

  • Block a Website via the thumb-down menu for FF 3.x users.
  • Bug Fix: A problem with FF 3.x bookmark integration that could cause a tag to be applied upon rating thumbdown.
  • Ability to report a stumble as ‘Factually incorrect’ or ‘Unsafe’.
  • More convenient reporting of incorrect topic via an optional reporting menu. See the ‘Show topic as’ item on the Configuration tab of Toolbar Options.
  • When a particular topic is displayed as a menu (for reporting incorrect topic), other reporting items are located on this menu rather than on the Tools menu.

Download StumbleUpon Beta Toolbar

You can download the StumbleUpon Beta or join in with your own questions and comments at the official stumbleupon discussion thread.

My Two Cents

Its really good to see that StumbleUpon is trying to make the user experience better by implementing features like “Stumbled this before” and “Too much like this lately”. This is definitely going to reduce some SU Abuse by the shady marketers. I hope everyone at SumbleUpon will test out this new beta toolbar and help StumbleUpon to create a better final product.

Do you think the new feature is going to have any effect on the your traffic? Share in Comments!

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