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Google Video for Business

Google Video for BusinessGoogle now brings video into its empire of Web apps with Google Video for Business, a new service that allows video sharing among employees. The idea behind this is indeed very simple and straight forward – anyone at a company can post a video, but the content will be accessible only to others at the same organization.

Google Video for Business integrates with other Google apps that are available in the Google Apps Premier Edition Package ($50 per user per year).

How can Google Videos Help a Business?

Videos can play a very important role in today’s business. A senior marketing executive of a company might use this service to deliver news of the company’s new marketing strategy. A technical support employee might use this service to post an tutorial video on how to solve a problem with the company’s Internal email client. In addition to all these, video can help a company to bring out the creativity among the employees.

Google video for Business - Google Apps

Google video ScreenshootGoogle Video for Business looks much like Google Video and other video sharing sites: The video home page, which is mainly dominated by a search field, displays a list of videos that are accessible from your account, along with a page to upload your own videos. Uploading videos is very simple and easy. The service currently supports many common video formats, including QuickTime, Windows Media, and MPEG. You can easily tag videos as you upload them; or your colleagues who are watching your videos can tag videos as they view them. Another great addition to this service: You can give your coworkers the ability to download videos to their hard drive. So think again what to use for giving a company presentation (Powerpoint? Or Full Multimedia Video Presentation).

Another notable feature: You can now embed videos hosted on Google Video for Business into a Web page or into anything that accepts Google Gadgets–including iGoogle and Google Docs spreadsheets. One possible application for this would be to embed an explanatory video into a spreadsheet to help the users make better sense of a complex graph.

If your business is currently using Google Apps, and you have ever wished that something similar to YouTube existed for pure business use, give Google Video for Business a Try!

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