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Google Image Search Ads

TechCrunch recently reported that Google has started to experiment with advertisement next to their image search results. Well honestly, this isn’t a big surprise, since Google announced back in May that they intend to test display ads in their search engine.

Checkout the screen shot below and notice how a Guinness Logo is appearing next to a Targeted ad where NHL Buffalo merchandise is being sold on a search for buffalo logos. I’m not sure why they are using a Guinness logo as a part of the ad, maybe its a glitch… only time will tell.

Here’s the screen shot:

There are currently different formats and positions for the ads, which combine a small image with a standard text ad. Google Operating System reports that Steve Poland has spotted a blended ad that looked deceivingly similar to an image result.

Google Image Search does provide a lot of traffic to many websites, however so far the image traffic is said to be “useless” and they have very low conversion. So Its still unclear how well will ads in Google Image search will perform and whether it will be good for the advertisers to place ads on a place where the searcher are on a different mindset.

There is some discussion going about Google Image Search Ads on Techmeme.

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