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Google Featured in Hollywood & You Can Make Money With It!

Well its probably not new when an Actor in a Hollywood movie is probably is some sort of ‘identity crisis’, wants to find out more information about some weird ‘virus’ or looking up information about a serial killer — and they all turn to Google.com and always seems to find the answer in matter of minutes. The brand “Google” was mentioned a number of times in Hollywood movies and we have seen movie stars using it too but this is probably the first time I’m seeing a Hollywood movie promoting Google’s Search Engine in their commercial trailer – 2012.

2012 is a movie directed by Roland Emmerich. The movie has some famous casts like John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Woody Harrelson. Basically the storyline is – The world is devastated by some sort of cataclysm in the year 2012, and there are some survivors who has to struggle for their lives…

Right after the short teaser trailer ends, this is what they show:

Movie 2012 - Search Google 2012

Notice the last two lines – “Find out the Truth….Google Search: 2012”! So Basically instead of giving any Web URL, they are actually encouraging users to search for 2012 in Google. Pretty Innovative isn’t it? So naturally I went to Google and searched for 2012 and surprisingly I couldn’t find their official site of the movie 2012 in the Top 50 (I didn’t bother looking after that). So unless they can put themselves in the position 1 (using ppc) or 2 (Organic) as shown in the screen shot below, their website won’t get the publicity that they probably hoped for!


Bonus Tip: How to take advantage of this to get Massive traffic

I don’t want to be an evil person nor I have any problem with Sony pictures but I must say that its really very stupid of them to publicize something before even thinking about its implementation! I know that the movie is due next year and some might say that they have still plenty of time to do SEO, Linkbuilding, PPC and other things to get on the #1 position. But a number of their trailers are up and running in youtube for over 8 months with a combined view of 500,000+! So if even 20% of those viewers actually goes and search for 2012 in google thats like 100,000 people!

According to Google Keywords Tool, the word “2012” (with exact match) receives about 201,000 searches and for Octobar it received 301,000 searches.

Google Trends also shows a promising amount of searches –

Google Trends - Movie 2012

Ok Fine! There are Lots of Searches…So What?

Well, do you want to get all these traffic to come to your website? Of course you do! Well guess what, at the time i’m writing this the PPC bid price for the keyword 2012 (in exact match) is only $0.09-0.13 cents for Position 1! That is insanely low because not many people are targeting any ads to that particular keyword! And due to the fact that it has been mentioned in the movie trailer (and is likely to be mentioned ever more in future)….a lot of people are actually searching for the phrase “2012”. In fact that is not all, there are some other hype going with the year 2012 which is making many people to search for it naturally as well.

So if you invest some money in PPC and only target that particular keyword alone (with exact match) and also write a very good ad copy..I can guarantee that you will get a lot of traffic and a good CTR (since people are really curious to find out about 2012..so if you mention certain keywords in your ad that the visitor can relate to in the movie (Hint: A phrase from the trailer..), they are likely to click on your ad.

Now what can you do with this traffic?

I guess thats something that you need to figure out. There is a lot of ways you can monetize that kind of traffic – for instance, signup with an account with Cafepress and design some cool 2012 t-shirts and sell them via that landing page. Make unofficial wallpapers, skins, themes of the movie 2012 (watermark your domain name) and give them away for free via your landing page. Or do whatever you want as long as it is legit!

What If I don’t want to do anything with 2012, but I just want the traffic?

That is certainly an option, but you really need to figure out whether the traffic that will come via this medium is going to convert for your site. I know I haven’t covered PPC in my blog yet (which i intend to), but in brief conversion means – if you are spending $0.09 cent to get a visitor and out of every 100 visitor you get (costing you $9), 10 people converts (signs up for an offer, buys a product, or does something that has a monetary value) and makes you $20 then its giving you a ROI of $11 (per 100 visitors). So its like for every $9 you spend in PPC you are getting about $20 in return. So I advise you to test your campaign and see whether this is worth the time, effort & money.

Once the word gets out, a lot of people might start doing what I just suggested and thats when the bid price will start to rise and eventually it won’t be so cheap anymore…So I guess this post was just for fun after all, if you have never don’t PPC in your life this is your chance to test it out (Right now!). Your advantage is, you will have the privilege to test it out with a lot of traffic and have to pay less for clicks.

Any other cool (‘evil’) ideas running in your mind? Share them in comments.


So, what do you think ?