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Google Experiments with Social Voting within Search

Yes Finally Google has started to experiment with Social Voting. I heard this story long ago in Techcrunch but didn’t really get a chance to see it. Thanks to Lee Odden‘s Tweet, where he posted a link to a Metacafe video which shows this feature live in action.


Before you watch the following video remember — This feature is still probably on an experimental stage and you might not see it right away. (Even I don’t see it). Google is still testing this on a very limited basis.

Google’s New Social Voting FeaturesWatch more amazing videos here

So what do you think of this new feature? Share in comments!


  • Reply Saad |

    Just to clear the air, I think Google may not be using this data that much in determining the ranking in the traditional organic search. Perhaps this data would be more useful for Personalized Search.

So, what do you think ?