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Google Browser Size – Web Usability Tool

google-browser-size If you are a web designer or developer, you are definitely going to appreciate this tool that google has came up with – Google Browser Size.

What is Google Browser Size?

Google Browser Size is a web usability tool that will help you understand how your visitors view your website. According to the official Google blog, It is completely based on a sample of data from visitors of google.com. A special code automatically collects data on the height and width of all the browser that is used to view Google for a sample of users.

For any given website, the tool will be able to tell you what percentage of users can see it like how you have designed it and so on. For instance, if a very important message or button is in the 80% region it means that 20% of users who have a different setting/screen size will need to scroll in order to see the message. If you’re a web designer or a developer, you can use this cool new tool to redesign your page so that you can minimize scrolling and make sure that the important parts of the page are always prominent to your site visitors.

How to use Google Browser Size ?

Using Google Browser size is pretty straightforward. Simply visit: http://browsersize.googlelabs.com and type in a URL in at the top of the screen, and within few seconds Google browser size will load your specified webpage in the background. It will then overlay a semi-transparent graphic depicting how much of the web’s population can view each section of your page without scrolling.

Here is a example of my site in Google Browser Size:


Very Interesting tool indeed! I’d like this to be a part of Google Analytics so that I can actually see what my visitor’s are seeing rather than relying on Google’s own sample of google.com.

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