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Google Analytics for Flash

google-analytics-reviewIf you have a lot of flash content on your website you might want to know how your visitors are interacting with those fancy flash content —are they actually seeing it or just skipping it? Now you can find out using Google Analytics as they ads Adobe Flash tracking via their open source API.

How Does Google Analytics Track Flash

If you use the given API, Google Analytics should be able to track various uses of Adobe Flash in a website, including the number of viewers, whether the creative attracts new users and the effectiveness of the flash at getting visitors to take action.

The Official Google Analytics blog has included a short video which shows this cool flash tracking feature in action:

Currently Google provides tracking libraries for both Flash and Flex which can be downloaded as a ZIP file here. The libraries include:

  • Flash visual component
  • Flash AS3 library
  • Flex MXML component
  • Flex AS3 library

You can learn more about how to use them through this developer documentation.

The entire AS3 code base has been made open source under the Apache 2 License. So If you are a developer and wish to improve the current code and add new features, you can contribute to the code base. Or, if you are working for a company that is running a content platform, such as Sprout, you can very easily merge the Flash tracking codebase into your existing platform.


  • Andrea Hill |

    I don’t understand why this is news – developers have been able to make calls to google analytics from within Flash and Flex for awhile ?

  • Saad |

    @Andrea Hill – Hi Andrea. Thanks for dropping by.

    Well in past, flash tracking was not provided out of the box, and each implementation had to be customized.

    And there was a lack of standards, and for the new developers who tracked Flash …they kinnda had to create their own processes to get it working.

    But now with this tool everything just became simpler!