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Google Alerts Providing RSS Feed

Yes Its Official! Google has started to provide RSS Feed of Google Web Search Results inside Google Alerts. To get the feed url of any search term in google, simply log on to – http://www.google.com/alerts and click on Manage Your Alerts.

Note: For first time users, you may need to add an Alter first with your “Email Address”. (Don’t worry later you will be able to change that and get the Feed URL).

Google Alerts Providing RSS Feed

Once you go to Manage your Alerts page, edit the alert that you wish to get via Feed, and you will notice in the “Deliver To” column a new item has been added called “Feed” (Previously there was only the email option).

Google Web Search Feed via Google Alerts

So select the “feed” option and save and you will notice that Google Alerts will provide you a unique feed URL for your search term.

Google Providing Feed URL of Web Search Results

So now simply add it to your favorite RSS reader (or just add it in your Google Reader) and you are done.

What Can This Feature Do For You?

You may ask, what is the point of having this feature? Well this is pretty important if you want to keep track of certain things (like your brand name, product name) as they get mentioned in the Web, blogs and so on. This is certainly going to make your Online Reputation Management efforts a lot easier. What else can it do for you….Can you think of anything? Share all in comments!


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