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gAttach Gmail Application for Windows

If you are heavy desktop email client user (e.g. Outlook or Thunderbird), you must love the convince of the built email function in many windows applications like Microsoft Word, Windows Explorer, etc to attach files with ease. Sadly this functions doesn’t work for web-based email clients like Gmail. (Which I use as my Primary Email Client). Even though you make Gmail as your default email client inside your browser (e.g. Firefox), your Windows desktop applications still considers your desktop email clients (e.g. Outlook) as the default.

But recently I stumbled upon this cool Windows Application for Gmail called – gAttach which solves this problem!

What is gAttach?

gAttach is a tiny Windows application that lets you email using Gmail with or without attachments from almost any Windows application. Below are a list of gAttach features:

  • gAttach Handles email – mailto links from all browsers and not just Firefox
  • gAttach can send email from any Windows application via Gmail
  • It works like a charm with Google Apps
  • It uses HTTPS for added security
  • gAttach can remember your Gmail username/password for convenience or you can just login yourself anytime
  • Choose to launch Gmail after creating a draft message
  • Availablity of both basic HTML version and Rich Text version
  • Option Load Gmail when you click on an email link
  • You can setup proxy server details inside gAttach
  • Absolutely Free for personal use

Once you have installed gAttach, you can simply use the Send to ‘Mail recipient’ function in your Windows Explorer right-click menu to attach files. Just keep in mind that Gmail current only allows 20MB of attachment.

Let me know if you run into any problem with gAttach via the comments.


  • Reply K-IntheHouse |

    Hey, thanks for the link love. gAttach has been a great utility for me as I can now attach files easily. Plus, you have a great blog and I’m now subscribed. :-)

  • Reply aravindh |

    For some reason, I am not seeing any mail created in my drafts folder. Also, if I select the option to open my gmail, it takes longer than usual to open it. I use Mozilla based flock browser. Please reply me to my e-mail id if you know a solution. Thanks.

  • Reply Julia Ovington |

    Hi –

    I tried gattach, the first time it work, ie a draft email appeared in my gmail account. However every time since that first time it hasn’t worked. It looks like it is working and according to gattach it has worked but there is no draft email in my gmail account….any ideas what might be going wrong ?

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