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FriendFeed Integrates Instant Messenging

Friend Feed Integrates IM Friendfeed is a very popular social website that lets you keep track of all the online activities of your friends. So if you sign up for a free friendfeed account and subscribe to someone’s feed, you will be able to see all his online activities such as – his blog posts, twitter messages, stumbled sites, dugged stories, his new photos at flickr and so on. Similarly you can make your own feed which other people can subscribe to and the best part of all is everything is purely automatic and you don’t really need to do anything other than just joining your different social profiles in Friendfeed. And not only that your friends can see your feed, they can also leave comments, Like it and share it.

The only problem of Friendfeed is you need to log in to their website – Friendfeed.com every time you want to see what your friends have been doing, Unlike Twitter which has different desktop/mobile clients that gives you all the updates from your friends instantaneously.

But looks like Friendfeed has identified the problem and recently announced that they are bringing in Instant Messaging Integration in Friendfeed that will allow you to get an IM every time someone comments on on of your stories. You can also respond to that with another reply right from your IM client. It’s just an amazingly easy way to keep on top of conversations and keep them flowing.

If you’ve never used FriendFeed before, it’s a must-see application for sharing and discussing cool stuff on the web. This new feature addition is going to make it even better.

Gary Burd writes at the FriendFeed Blog:

After we launched our real-time interface, we heard from so many of you that you loved being able to instantly see the new things in your feed. We also love FriendFeed for the quick and easy communication it offers with our friends. So we’re hoping this new way of using FriendFeed will be something that combines both, in a way that already feels fun and familiar.

How To Enable FrindFeed’s IM Capability

Friend Feed Instant MessagingIf you wish to enable the FriendFeed IM service, simply go into your FriendFeed account settings, and click the button to enable your IM notifications. If you already have a Gmail address or other Jabber client, your address will have already been populated into the address bar. Otherwise, just fill it out yourself. Once you click the enable button you’ll receive a message via IM asking to add the FriendFeed user in your IM client, and then asking you to confirm by clicking on a link. Once you do that, you’re up and running.

How to Choose The Types of Notification to Receive via IM

From your account settings you can choose to enable either all posts, all posts and comments from your friends, or all posts and all comments on the site. In addition to receiving posts and comments, you can also post back and reply to others.

Here is a Complete List of FriendFeed IM Commands.

My Two Cents

By enabling this feature, I’m sure a lot more people will start using friendfeed and it will make the existing user base even more active & as they will be able to participate more in real time. Let me know how you find this new feature and you can always add me as your friend in Friendfeed – http://www.friendfeed.com/saadkamal

So, what do you think ?