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Do you remember what you did last tuesday? I seriously don’t! And that is when we need a personal scheduler or a diary. There are tons of free online notebooks out there that can help you to keep notes & remember things. But most of them are very complex in nature and sometimes requires fancy registration or often takes time to load – because they are for more “advanced” use and purpose.

Memiary.com provides a free online diary services and lets you record down the 5 things you did today in a very simply & clean interface. The signup takes less than 10 seconds and after signing up it lets you go straight to business.

Memiary is a creation from Sid Yadav who is a long-time app reviewer at Rev2.org. On his blog he wrote an interesting post about the process of creating Memiary and how proud his mom was of him who happens to be the very first user of memiary.

My Two Cents

As shown in the screen shot, I tried out Memiary and so far I have found it to be an excellent app. There may be too-many online diary sort of app on the web now, but I have found this to be the most simple. However there are few things that they can improve on, such as:

  • They should let the user to export this data out
  • Send a Auto Reminder (SMS/Email), asking the user to update the notebook.
  • Give more space to write! Incomplete sentences aren’t pretty.
  • Give user the option to add more than 5 items
  • An option to change the Password

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  • Reply Dana Williams |

    I found this website and I wold like to put my stories on it about my personal experiences in it, so that other people can read them. But if I have to sign up, I do not know my username, except if I am on yahoo.com. If you E-mail me, please bold the print, because I don’t see very well. My E-mail address is danaw135@yahoo.com. I hope that my stories will be very successful in the future. Thanks.

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