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Facebook’s Mystery Event may unveil Instagram Video


Facebook seem to be on a roll with new features & products lately. Last month they showed off new features for their Facebook Home for Android, and just last week some users noticed clickable Hashtags on Facebook.

The company is now planning to hold a small Mystery event on June 20th. They didn’t say much about what they are going to announce, but most tech journalists got an unusual plain white snail mail with the following message:

“A small team has been working on a big idea,” the invitation reads. “Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.”

Now what are the speculations? Well initially, we heard that facebook is working on some sort of News reader. Personally I wasn’t very psyched about it. I think feedly does more than a decent job for most of us.


But now Teachcrunch is reporting that, the whole thing might be an announcement for Instagram Video!

Yes, thats right, video on Instagram. Isn’t that cool? Featurewise, its probably going to be a copy of Twitter’s vine which recently got a lot of traction with their 6sec video clip sharing. But with the entire Instagram team behind this, I’m really excited to see what sort of new innovation they can bring in video sharing.

So, what do you think ?