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HOW TO: Change Your Facebook Username


Not long ago, I wrote about how you can setup your own facebook username (a.k.a Vanity URL), so that your facebook profile URL is like – www.facebook.com/yourusername rather than the very long url that facebook provides by default.

Initially, Facebook mentioned that they won’t let anybody change their username once its already set. Thus everyone gets only one chance to make it right! But it looks like now its not the case anymore. If you are for some reason not happy with your current facebook username / Vanity URL — you now have an option to change your username!

How to Change My Facebook Username

Facebook has made it very easy to change your username. Simply login to your facebook account and go to your Facebook settings page. If you are already logged in clicking here will take you right there.

Once you are at your “Settings” page, you should see a new section called “username” displaying your current username and also a subsequent button called “change” to do the obvious!


If you were drunk while you have set your facebook username previously and regretted doing so; this is your chance to make things right again!


  • Reply kopertowki |

    Seems to be to just too easy. If that is an option given lately by the sites administrators I think that you have done a good thing showing it to everyone. A chance to change name or just to optimize the searching abilities is something that everyone deserves. And also it is nice to know that they finally allowed that. I really couldn’t understand why it is impossible to change one’s name.

  • Reply Google Local Searches |

    thank goodness facebook now gives descent profile names of their users not just random-looking characters. it makes it easy to seo “itallianpizza” than “ref=italliant=pizza%sd34a” blah blah…

  • Reply Barbara Crown |

    Wow. At last, facebook noticed this major inconvenience in their system. Thanks for the info. This blog is very informative. Anyway, does anybody knows why facebook does not allow the changing of username before?


  • Reply Bill Andrews |

    Hey. your website is very helpful to those who are dealing with blogging and increasing traffic. I find your article interesting and i started reading it… I find it very informative.

    @Barabara Crown – i am also looking for the answer way back then. However, there’s no definite reason given to that.. The important thing is., they are now allowing it now.

    Nice page!

  • Reply diego fabian |

    i had change my username once. and would like to change it again. what should i do?

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