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ParaShoot – Wearable live logging HD Video Camera


Wearable computing is definitely the next big trend in technology. This explains why there are so many different companies trying to open the wearable computing market by creating products in different niches. The health monitors, watch and camera that syncs with your phone seems to be winning at the moment.

So far I am personally rooting for some items myself – Google Glass, Memoto, Apple’s iWatch (??).

ParaShoot is a new Kick-starter Project that caught my attention. ParaShoot lets you record your life’s amazing moments in HD by wearing their tiny (48 x 30 x 11 mm) pendant.

ParaShoot will support all smartphone platforms, but it can also operate standalone device. All images & videos that you will take on the device will be automatically stored on it’s own cloud server. Pricing of storage is unknown but they will most likely have a monthly pricing for “unlimited” storage. (Well, why not just make it free and allow users to link it to their own dropbox or google drive?). It also supports micro-SD cards, so if you don’t have internet connection for a while you can still record and store your data locally. (and i’m guessing it will auto sync once a internet connection is available).

The ParaShoot app (to be released) will accompany the device as a remote control and users can use it to check the view finder, organiser and also share their images/videos via email, youtube or facebook.

parashoot-520x337 The Kick Starter project is currently planning to raise $260,000 in order to cover the cost of its first prototypes of ParaShoots. It has already passed $22,000 mark with 140 backers and has a further 36 days to go.

So how much will the device cost?

The Parashoot team mentioned in the page that the device will ordinarily cost $269, but if you are an early backer, you can get it along with a bundle of other goodies — for only $149 (not inclusive of international shipping charges). Shipment of the first batch will start in late October.

So what do you think? Would you want to wear such a thing? Does it bother you if people starts wearing these recording devices on the street, public trains & even bars? Lets face it, once china & south korea starts mass producing these concepts – there will be so many variation and brands of these sort of recording devices that you wouldn’t have a clue when your nose-picking is being recorded.