Attending a legal conference is an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals, learn about the newest legal developments, and keep your law practice up to date. 

Unfortunately, there are far too many to pick from. We have, however, prepared a list of the top five legal conferences for lawyers. 

ALA’s Annual Conference and Expo

Whether you’re a veteran or a brand-new attorney, attending legal conferences can help you learn new skills, build relationships with fellow attorneys, and even land new clients.

With more than 25 days of educational programming and events, ALA Annual Conference and Exhibits are necessary for legal professionals. The conference is the world’s largest gathering of librarians and library supporters. The program presents the most relevant, current information needed to support the legal community and clientele. 

The schedule of events provides a wide array of topics, including law and technology, intellectual property, litigation support services, and many more. The exhibit hall features vendors from all fields, including publishing, law firms, associations, and publishers.

CLOC Global Institute

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in earning your law degree, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning once you’ve passed the bar. Networking with other attorneys and legal professionals is one of the most significant benefits of attending a legal conference.

CLOC Global Institute for Legal Education is an international association of law schools that fosters education and research in legal education. CLOC organizes conferences and seminars to share information, disseminate research findings, and network with colleagues from other institutions. This conference is managed by the Cloc Global Institute, a non-profit research organization that explores how technology is changing the workplace.

ABA Techshow

The ABA Techshow is the nation’s foremost convention for lawyers who want to utilize technology to their advantage, and it’s packed with helpful information and services. Attorneys may learn how to successfully advertise themselves on LinkedIn, create a website that converts customers, and stay updated on the newest social media methods.

Several lectures on cutting-edge legal themes, such as cloud computing and mobile devices, the ABA Techshow, held in early June each year in San Francisco, is an excellent opportunity for lawyers to network with peers and possible clients. The ABA Techshow is one of North America’s most extensive meetings of legal professionals. 

The ABA Techshow provides chances for networking with industry executives and various educational lectures on subjects such as intellectual property law and technological challenges.

ILTACON (International Legal Technology Association Convention)

ILTACON is an annual conference involving legal professionals who manage, develop and implement software solutions in law firms. It places a strong focus on mobile technology and innovative cloud technologies.

Attendees from around the country and the world will gather in San Francisco for ILTACON (International Legal Technology Association Convention). A conference brings together a wide range of legal professionals to discuss emerging trends, technological changes, and best practices for law firms and in-house legal departments.

Legal Up

The legal industry is constantly changing, so being at the forefront of this change is essential to your success. Attending conferences and seminars can help you stay at the forefront of the changes in technology, law, and everything else that impacts your industry.

Legal Up is a virtual conference committed to educating and elevating legal professionals throughout the law firm, from paralegal to administrator to attorney. Legal up is not your typical legal conference. The chance to acquire new skills, hear from industry leaders, and find your zen in an otherwise hectic area of work awaits you at this event. What’s more, the most pleasing thing is. This virtual conference is entirely free of charge. There are no tickets or travel requirements.

Legal Geek

So you’re a legal nerd, or maybe you want to see what it’s like inside a law practice. In any case, legal conferences are a terrific chance to learn about today’s most pressing topics while also spending time with those who are as enthusiastic about the law as you are. Legal Geek is a website created by lawyers for attorneys. The Legal Geek is a free resource for lawyers who want to network and enhance their careers. We deliver intelligent material that is both instructive and interesting, with topics spanning from job search techniques to best practice advice. They have been providing attorney resources ranging from current events and business practices to technology and law-related comedy since 2013.


The legal industry has a lot of conferences going on at any one time, but LegalWeek is the largest annual gathering of attorneys in the country. This conference includes a full range of legal topics, from the latest technological advancements to business and finance and networking events for attorneys to meet with potential clients.

It is where you’ll find all of the top attorneys, law firms, and businesses in America gathering to learn about new laws, regulations, and other changes influencing our society today.

Attorneys can join panel discussions about hot topics such as intellectual property law and contract law. Or they can take part in networking events, such as a reception at the National Press Club or an awards ceremony sponsored by LexisNexis. Attendees can also attend a career fair to connect with employers hiring new employees.

LegalWeek is more than just a conference with great speakers; it’s also an excellent way for attorneys to grow their business and make connections that will help them achieve their career goals.