Get a one-on-one, 30-minute breakdown session with your case from innovative technology experts whose time is valuable

Over twenty expert practitioners will take your business apart piece by piece. Find your growth points and useful new contacts.

Change the way you look at your business in 30 minutes

  • Sign up to meet a mentor during the conference
  • Fill out the questionnaire and have your questions ready
  • Gain experience, feedback and insight from the expert + get new ideas
  • Make a breakthrough in your project

Get an edge over your competitors

A complete check-up of your business
Top-tier independent experts will take your business apart and find the places that keep you from growing

Helpful contacts
Mentors will introduce you to potential partners and contractors

Advice on how to grow.
You’ll get some ideas to diversify your business and get it off the ground

A selection of practical materials
Get ready-made checklists and materials to test your business

Step into the world of technology now