Meet only those who match your interests.

The special format will allow you to make new business acquaintances, communicate with like-minded people, learn new things about your field and business cases.

Build the right environment
Meet interesting people, be inspired and share your experiences

How the Meetings Work

Sign up in the networking system
Using the bot, set up your preferences: choose a topic you’re interested in discussing.

You receive an invitation to a session with a like-minded person
Telegram bot writes to the participants. This removes the awkwardness of first contact. At Random Coffee everyone communicates as equals.

You take part in a productive and interesting networking session.
It’s a person close to your heart who is also in tune with Random Coffee this week. The meetings take place online.

Who needs Random Coffee

People looking for friends or inspiring conversation partners.
People looking to grow in their business.
Who want to get to know their colleagues and get to know them better
Who wants to expand their contact list quickly

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