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Yahoo! Victim of Cyber Attacks in China

Bloomberg just reported that, yahoo may also be a victim of the recent cyber-attacks in china that has pushed Google to make some tough decisions.

Bloomberg writes:

“Yahoo! Inc., owner of the No. 2 search engine in the U.S., was targeted by a Chinese attack similar to the one that affected Google Inc., according to a person familiar with the matter.”

Well, Google did say that they were not the only one who were targeted in these attacks. In fact Adobe was very quick to confirm that they were apparently one of those 20 companies who were attacked by the cyber terrorists.

Adobe wrote:

“Adobe became aware on January 2, 2010 of a computer security incident involving a sophisticated, coordinated attack against corporate network systems managed by Adobe and other companies. We are currently in contact with other companies and are investigating the incident. At this time, we have no evidence to indicate that any sensitive information–including customer, financial, employee or any other sensitive data–has been compromised.”

According to a Cyber security firm iDefense, The attackers were simply trying to exploit security vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, which is widely used to create and read documents. The vulnerability in Adobe’s two products could allow an attacker to inject a small piece of code into the computer once a PDF file was opened. Even though Adobe did not directly link this problem with the Google-China attack, they have managed to quickly release a critical patch for this problem on Tuesday.

Microsoft Corp., which operates the other player in the search industry – Bing, said it was not aware of any security issues across its properties. A spokesperson for the Redmond, Wash. software company said in a statement:

“We are aware of the situation involving attacks against the corporate networks of Google and a number of other companies. At this point, we don’t have any indication that our corporate network or any of our mail properties were attacked. We work closely with the authorities and other technology companies like Google on Internet safety issues, and we will continue to actively monitor this situation. As Google and the State Department have indicated, this situation is the subject of an ongoing international investigation, so it is not appropriate to say anything further.”

On the other hand in response to all the allegations & threats, The Chinese government said global Internet companies are welcome in the country provided they obey laws that restrict their content.

“The Chinese government administers the Internet according to law and we have explicit stipulations over what content can be spread on the Internet,” Jiang Yu, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, said at a regular briefing in Beijing today.”

A separate Chinese government official today defended the nation’s right to censor the Internet.

“Effective guidance of public opinion on the Internet is an important way of protecting the security of online information,” Wang Chen, director of the State Council Information Office, said in a question-and-answer session with reporters, a transcript of which was posted on the office’s Web site today.”

So basically what I feel is despite of Google’s threat, the Chinese government will never allow Google to display uncensored search results in Google.cn. So basically its pretty safe to say that we may be seeing the end of Google China. But it would be interesting to see whether the Chinese government would want to keep the other google products running, such as Gmail, Google Maps etc.

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  • Reply Business women |

    Google should get out because they are doing more harm than good. They should understand that the term ‘unscrupulous Chinese’ is not a racist epithet.
    They will steal every idea that they can and give nothing to the creators except the ideological middle-finger salute. Any new advances in technology that costs millions to develop will be mass marketed to the world and manufactured in China.
    There tons of Chinese on the internet of the free world where they are extolling the virtues of the Han people. They lie, connive, act in unison with others whom will corroborate to put out the party line as gospel truth by seeming to be the people being picked on because of their race. Hiding, through their lies, their ultimate aim of regional hegemony.
    Giving them the means to copy anything and everything will then be used to give them more control and power over the people under their chains. Google should stand up and tell the Chinese government to back off.
    These aren’t fantasies or things meant to disparage the Chinese. China is neither a just nor an open society and it uses the internet as an instrument of oppression.
    Stephanie Mcnealy

  • Reply Erin Pendleton |

    I’ve been living in China for 5 years (so I have had more than enough time to see this in action) and I completely agree with Stephanie

So, what do you think ?