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WordPress No-follow Links

wordpress-logoThere are often times when you want to cite a website (that you don’t really trust) or you are just hesitant to give link love to that ‘slightly shady’ or new site. Adding a No-Follow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) to that particular link is a good way of letting the engines know that you don’t really ‘trust’ the site and thus you don’t want any of your link juice to be passed on to him.

Even though adding nofollow to links is very easy, but sometimes people are just lazy to edit a link manually. So someone just came up with this WordPress “NoFollow Plugin” that adds automatically adds a checkbox to the “Insert Link” dialog box. If you want to “nofollow” the link, just check the box, and you are done!

Installation Instruction of WordPress No Follow Plugin

Step 1: Download WordPress No Follow Plugin
Step 2: Un-zip the archive and upload it in your wordpress “plugins” directory.
Step 3: Activate the plugin from your WP Dashboard
Step 4: Since most browsers cache javascript files, you will probably need to flush your cache for the changes to show up in your wordpress editor.

Plug-in Compatibility: Works well with WordPress 2.5+

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