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WordPress Comment Reply via Email

Do you often get tired of replying to comments in wordpress blogs once you have subscribed to it? Well I often do, because once I get a comment I need to log back in to my site and then reply to that comment. So if say you are getting an average of 10 comments per post, it may be a hard task for you.

But today Heather at WordPress WebBlog says – Not Anymore, as closed beta testing for comment reply by email is currently undergoing. Check out this video to see how it works, and to hear about another upcoming goody of WordPress:

Comment reply by email makes replying to comments easy. Once you enable e-mail notifications for comments as you normally would under Settings > Discussion. Then, instead of clicking back to your dashboard, with this new feature you can reply to the comment straight from inbox. When you click reply, a special WordPress e-mail address will appear in the “To” box, matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Send it off, and your reply is up on your blog in seconds! Isn’t that amazing?

However you can’t check it out now unless you’re part of the closed beta, so be sure to sign up if you want to check this cool feature!

In order to sign up for this closed beta, you will have to leave a comment in Heather’s post here.

For your information Signups for the closed beta will close at 6 p.m. PST (UTC-8) tomorrow, Friday, October 24.


  • Reply Pet |

    I agree. Its easy to comment via E-mail. Jus open yur box and make comments. I remember I put some comments in this way to AllNews4U the had such tool. But now they don’t. At that ime it was comfortable.

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