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Opera Unite – Web Server on a Browser

Opera Unite, the recent product from the browser maker opera may not have re-invented the web (which they originally claimed) but it really got me hooked up with it! If you are looking for a web server within your computer that will allow you to host websites, files, music, photos and share it with the world then Opera Unite is something that you should really check out.

What is Opera Unite?

Opera Unite is a web browser that has built in capability of a web server, file server and also sort of a social network where you can easily share photos, music, exchange messages etc. You can even run chat rooms and host entire Web sites with Opera Unite. It puts the power of a Web server in your browser, giving you greater privacy and flexibility than any other online services.

Watch this Introductory video to get to know this cool product:

Opera Unite is Flexible

If you use Opera at home and a different browser at work – you don’t have to worry! Opera Unite services can be accessed from any browser, even including the tiny mobile browsers! At home, just select what you want to share, and you can view it later using your work Web browser without any issues.

Opera Unite is Easy to Use

Just fire up the Opera Unite browser and you have a nice menu in the sidebar to enable all these cool services like a Web server – to host HTML websites, file server – to share files with others, photo sharing, music sharing etc. You need absolutely no technical knowledge of any sort to run any of these services.

Opera Unite is Secure

When it comes to sharing information online, security is the first thing that jumps on everyone’s mind. Well, opera is very secured and they take several security measure to protect user’s data. Opera has a dedicated team who deals will all the security issues at their highest priority. When you are sharing your data online, opera automatically provides you a couple of options to choose the level of security that you wish to implement. For instance, you can open everything up to public or you can make them private and protect your shared files with a password. If neither suits your requirement, you can also share it to specific group of individuals which is pretty cool.

Opera Unite Services

Below are some of the services that comes by default in Opera under Opera Unite. But I believe that they will (or already have) opened up this platform to everyone else, and soon their services page will be pilled with other cool services (Just like how facebook became popular with their apps).


1. Web Server If you want to host your own website, for whatever purpose – you can do it pretty easily using this built in web server. You don’t need to be a tech guy to set up this server, in fact within a matter of few clicks you will be able to host and share your website with the world. Of course the only drawback would be, your website will only be live and accessible as long as your computer is ON and connected to the internet. I really like the idea of having web servers on your own computer – if you are a web developer, and you want to show your client how their website will look like, you can easily use the opera unite webserver and put up the dummy page live on the internet. Your client can simply go and visit the link that you will provide him to view the page.

2. File Server: This is one of the super cool feature that I really liked! Who doesn’t like to share files? Well I do! Sometimes its just a huge pain to share big folders with friends over IM. Now with this feature, you can just share a folder and give your friend the link and he will be able to download them to his computer easily. This feature is also neat for those who have files in both office and home and sometimes need to access them remotely.

3. Photo Sharing: Is there any photo sharing service in the world that doesn’t need you to upload the photos onto their server? Try Opera Unite Photo Sharing! You will be amazed how easy it is just to select your photo folder and you have be given a “live link” which your friends can use to browse through your photos. Simply Mind blowing!

4. Music Player: Access your complete home music library from wherever you are. Run the Opera Unite Media Player at home and access your entire music library from anywhere you might be. No need to duplicate your music on different machines!

5. Fridge: This is totally a social service that works almost like Facebook’s Wall. Your opera fridge is a fun place for people to leave notes on your computer. Friends and family will love leaving notes on your fridge. It’s open to all and you get a notification when someone writes a note.

– Mom posts a note, “Dentist appointment at 2:30 – Don’t forget!”
– Your roommate writes, “We need milk!” and you use the fridge as your shopping list with Opera Mini while in the store
– Your niece says, “I miss you! Come visit us soon!”

As the service owner of your fridge, you can delete notes, turn off posting, limit the total number of notes so that it doesn’t get too full, or disable and enable this service whenever you want. Other people can also delete their own posts.

So have you tried Opera Unite Yet? Give me one reason to NOT try this cool product?! Just try it and I am sure you will love it. You don’t need to actively use it, just keep it installed on your PC and you never known when you will need it.

Where to Download Opera Unite

Opera Unite (Beta) is available for FREE from their website. Visit the following link to download:


Visit the Opera Unite Homepage for more information on this product.

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