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Userfly – Web Usability Testing Done Right

userfly Usability TestingI was chatting with a blogger in Singapore earlier this week about web usability and how this particular web usability product called “Userfly” really kicks ass! But after I got back home, I realized I never actually wrote about Userfly on my blog! So I decided to do a quick post about how Userfly can really help any small business / e-commerce site or blog to do usability testing by simply pasting a simple line of javascript code on their site.

What is Userfly?

Userfly is a web usability testing tool that lets you see a ‘screen cast’ of user activity on your website/blog. After you install userfly on your site – you will literaly see what your visitors are doing, where they are clicking just like a movie.

How does Userfly works?

Setting up userfly is very simple! You can register for a FREE Userfly account that is good for 10 screen captures/month. If you require more captures, you can opt in for a 100 captures/month for $10 or 1000 captures/month for $25 and so on.

The beauty of userfly is its very easy to setup on any website. Just grab a simple javascript code and put it on your site and you are done! The user activities will automatically be captured and put under your dashboard, and you can then start playing each captures on your computer and watch exactly how they look at your website. Userfly also provides detailed information on the user’s browser, each page visited, and time spent on each page. Clicking on a particular page plays back the interaction, showing where the user moved his or her mouse and where he or she clicked etc. Once you’re finished watching, you’re prompted to rate the usefulness of the capture. Then, you can decide to keep it or delete it permanently. All videos older than 30 days are deleted automatically in the free account.

I personally used this tool in a couple of e-commerce stores i worked on and the results have been tremendous. By studying the user behavior and how they browse/navigate your site – you can really make a lot of adjustments to increase your Click through rate & sales.

See Userfly in Action

Don’t believe me? Play this video to see Userfly in action!

So what are you waiting for? Signup for your Free Userfly Account now and do a free web usablitly testing on your website.


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