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URL Shortener by StumbleUpon – Su.pr

stumbleupon-make-short-url-su-pr Stumbleupon which is a social bookmarking/voting site that I can’t get enough of, has recently launched a URL Shortening service called – Su.pr.

This new URL Shortener – Su.pr has a lot of cool features that every content publisher would really love. It basically combines all the features of StumbleUpon with the traditional features of a URL shortener.

Su.pr is currently invite only and unfortunately I don’t anymore invite codes to share with you all. However you can follow @stumbleupon on twitter, where they frequently give away invite codes for SU.pr.

How Does StumbleUpon URL Shortener Works?

Well firstly you need to register for a SU Account if you don’t already have one and after that you can start shortening URLs and at the same time post those URLs on twitter and facebook with a message attached to it. They have also included a feature for scheduling, so you can set your message to go out at a time in the future.

Once a user clicks on a Su.pr links they will see a web-based StumbleUpon toolbar, which lets them to like, dislike, stumble, favorite, or comment on your content (similar to the new DiggBar). They also have an additional option for sharing the Su.pr link on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

Some Features of the Su.pr URL Shortener

  • Real time analytics – It gives you detailed view of how many people click through your links, how many came via StumbleUpon in particular and who the most prolific “reTweeters” have been and so on.
  • Easy Sharing on Twitter/Facebook- You can share your links easily on twitter and facebook, including the schedule facility.
  • Intelligent Predictions – They have a “Suggested posting time” metrics, which tells you when people are most likely to click your links based on past user activities.
  • Bookmarklet – Last but not least, they have a handy bookmarklet that makes submission of links quick and easy.

Mashable has a screenshot of the UI of Su.pr –


So did you get a chance to test this new URL Shortener? Share your feedback in the comments!

Update: Danny Sullivan made a point about Su.pr not being Search engine friendly as they use a 302-redirect instead of a 301. Check out his post on – Search Engine friendly URL Shorteners.


So, what do you think ?