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Twitter Redesign

I haven’t logged into my twitter in a while as I’m currently very busy with my ongoing postgraduate research on Semantic Web.

Anyways, today when I logged in I was presented with a brand new interface of Twitter. Yes, apparently Twitter has redesigned the whole twitter interface without letting its ‘users’ know! (Well, They could have at least sent an email…)

For a while, I was just getting my eyes to suit with the new interface…but eventually I kind of liked the new design! (Unlike the horrible ‘re-design’ of Facebook…)

Some key changes in the Twitter Interface –

Tabs: Twitter Redesign - Twitter Navigation The first thing that you would probably notice is that the twitter tabs in your twitter home page (../home) has moved from the top to the right hand side bar. Twitter blog explains that the main purpose of making this change is to facilitate more tabs in future.

Ajax Implementation: If you click on the Home or @Replies tab, you will be able to see the updates immediately as they are now refreshed using the AJAX technology instead of loading the whole page. So the new Twitter interface is faster compared to the previous one.

Action icons: If you take your mouse over any update, you will automatically see two action icons (Star & Reply) showing up right next to the tweet.

New design customizer: Twitter has added a brand new design customizer to help you pimp up your twitter profile. You can find this new Twitter Design customized under your account’s Settings/Design. With this tool, you can choose from pre-designed themes, as well as play with your color scheme and background and see the results in real time.

Twitter Redesign- Custom Profile page

There are couple of more changes that twitter made, but I personally didn’t really saw all in action. However if you wish to read more on the twitter redesign, check out the twitter blog. If you have any feedback that you wish to share with the twitter team, you can contact them via twitter (duh!). Just send an update to @twitter and share your feedback, ideas or praise for the twitter team.

So, what do you think ?