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Twitter Radio

Twitter Radio If you are too lazy to read your tweets, you might want a service like Twit Radio – Thats reads your tweet out loud. Currently the service only works with search thus you can search for a keyword or phrase and twitter radio will tune in to that channel and start reading out every tweet that comes along.

The site is very easy to you, there is a big search box right in the middle where you can put your search query, or select from the pre-programmed channels or trending topics, and start listening to tweets right away. I know this may sound a bit geeky at first, but just try it and I bet you will find it pretty hilarious.

Well frankly no ‘text-to-speech’ sounds perfect, because after all its a computer that tries to mimic a human’s voice and vocal pitch. But i guess for tweets its even worse because, people don’t use proper sentence structure and punctuation because of the 140 character limit. But they tried to make it less monotonous by mixing up the voice of different AI robot.

In their about page they writes:

At tweetrad.io our mission is to index all the world’s information; however, unlike google we plan to be really evil in the process. We’ve started by seeking out the most relevant scholarly data on the web. Naturally Twitter was where we looked first. Using our unpantentable Tweet-to-Speech™ technology, we’ve made it possible for billions of people to hear the “Pulse of the Planet” as never before.

Mashable has made a screencast of the service in action, have a look:

So what do you all think?

So, what do you think ?