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Tweetree – Follow a Conversation on Twitter

tweetreeJust like Michael Arrington who notes that the biggest problem with twitter is that the conversation that goes on is pretty hard to follow; I sort of feel the same way.

Let me give you an example: the people that I’m following and the people who are following me are from different places with different timezone. Many times it has occurred to me that sometimes I get reply of a conversation that I started 10 hours back! And if I’m pretty active in twitter and always in the middle of conversation with many people, it becomes really hard to keep track of those ‘out of the blue’ replies.

So then came Tweetree – a site that takes your Twitter account and digs deep to tweak it, and comes up with a much better UI (compared to the conventional twitter) for your account and displays all your conversations in threads!

How to Use Tweetree

Simply login to Tweetree with your Twitter Username & Password, and – ta-da! You will be presented with a Twitter running on Steroid! You will be able to view conversation in threads and also all the external media (e.g. photos, videos, friendfeed conversations will be displayed right within your stream.

So now you may want to close your Twitter desktop app and check out Tweetree!

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Read more about Tweetree in Techmeme.

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