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Track Twitter ReTweets

repeets-Twitter-retweets If you are using twitter, then you must be already familiar with the concept of ‘re-tweeting’. It basically uses the same concept of “forwarding”. When you come across a cool Email or SMS, you may often press the forward button to pass it on to your friends. So basically for tweets this forward function is often referred as ‘re-tweets’!

So How do I Forward a Tweet (a.k.a ReTweet)

Ben Par of Mashable has an amazing writeup on this topic. However, I’d just like to briefly touch on this re-tweet function of twitter as well.

Follow these steps to re-tweet:

If you receive a tweet say from @sparklette saying: Download Coldplay’s entire new album free! http://is.gd/Av1e (P.S. It’s legal too!)

Simply add “RT” infront of the persons name along with the same message and send! So it may look like the following:

RT @sparklette – Download Coldplay’s entire new album free! http://is.gd/Av1e (P.S. It’s legal too!)

How to track twitter ReTweets

Since people usually ReTweet the good stuffs that floats around twitter, it is sometimes a nice practice to track what other people are Retweeting. There are few good sites which actually lets you keep track of those ReTweets. But the one i recently came across is called – Repeets.

Repeets basically tracks all the hot retweets from today, this week and also this month. It also captures all the retweets in a thread and produces trend graphs showing what time a retweet peaked and so on.


The feature that I liked the most about Repeets is the ability to search by username and see how many times a user’s Tweets have been RT’ed, along with a roundup of their most retweeted content. This is really useful if you are doing some research on the twitter power players.

Not happy with repeets, you can try an alternative – TweetMeme. Don’t forget to follow me – @saadkamal in twitter!


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    I checked Repeets.com a few weeks back and found it a little messy and not so easy to use. However, I should admit to be using http://timelinetweets.com and somehow addicted to its clean and simple UI. It not only helps me track my retweets but also check favorites by me and many other cool features as well.

So, what do you think ?