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Find and Compare Cheap Gas Price

Gas price is going up every year which makes the gas buyers so frustrated that they even drive across the city just to find cheap gas. Yahoo! Search has recently realized this problem and came up with a yahoo shortcut that will help users to find the cheapest gas in their area directly from their search engine!

How To Find the Cheapest Gas Price using Yahoo?

Simply type in the the words “gas prices” or “cheap gas” followed by a ZIP code or city name in Yahoo Search, and you’ll get back a map with prices mapped for your. Danny found that using only the word “gas” with a ZIP or city name also works in Yahoo.

My Two Cents

This is certainly a very cool feature of Yahoo Search that is going to benefit a lot of users. I would like to see Google & Live to come up with something similar :). Do you know about any other cool Yahoo Shortcuts?… Share in the comments!

Yahoo Web Analytics Beta Launched

Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo has just announced that they have launched their Yahoo Web Analytics (Beta) on Limited Basis starting from this week. The tool is currently offered as a limited beta to customers of Yahoo Small Business, select Yahoo advertisers and some third-party application developers.

Last year back in April, Yahoo acquired IndexTools, who was a major provider of analytics software based in Hungary. So basically Yahoo has bought over the business and technology that IndexTools had and repackaged it with Yahoo’s own technology as – Yahoo Web Analytics.

Yahoo! Web Analytics (beta) will provide powerful data and insights reporting that will help webmasters to evaluate their marketing performance and tweak their website designs. They’ll get custom real-time reports and graphs that will help them to slice and dice metrics like sales, page views, and sources of traffic and ultimately identify ways to boost up their visitor’s satisfaction.

And as you might expect, Yahoo Web Analytics also includes full integration with other Yahoo products. For instance, you can easily analyze the effectiveness of Yahoo search marketing campaigns and track how well each of your products within your e-commerce shop are selling. This analytics product can easily be compared to Google Analytics, the free analytics service from Google that has similar integration with its own products such as – Google AdWords.

Some Screen shots of Yahoo Web Analytics: (Credit: Visual Revenue)

Yahoo! Web Analytics – Dashboard

Yahoo Web Analytics Dashboard

A Look at Yahoo Web Analytics Sales Summary Page

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AOL-Yahoo Merger Deal

AOL-Yahoo-Merger As TechCrunch reports, AOL-Yahoo Merger can take place as early as this month!

AOL’s Parent company Time Warner definitely wants this deal to go all the way but it still isn’t very clear whether AOL’s assets will fix any of Yahoo’s current problems.

The deal structure that is currently being discussed is Yahoo’s acquisition of AOL (content, services and advertising), minus their subscription dial up business. That plus a couple of billion dollars in cash from Time Warner gets them approximately a third of the combined entity. Time Warner’s AOL headache is gone, and they have a stake in the world’s most valuable chess piece in the Google/Microsoft search and advertising war.

Points favoring this Deal:

  • Both the companies believe Yahoo’s advertising platform would monetize AOL assets far beyond what they’re generating today (a little over $2.4 billion annually).
  • Yahoo & AOL has a combined dominance in e-mail market would be substantial (they’d have a combined market share of 48% wordwide according to Comscore, where microsoft in the 2nd position with 42% market share)
  • In Instant messaging (Yahoo-AOL has 39% worldwide combined market share, compared to 55% for Microsoft).

But in reality, this might turn into a problem if Microsoft then comes in and buys the combined entity. (Which might actually happen!!~). Will update you if anything actually happens…so stay tuned.

Yahoo News Redesigned

Yahoo News is trying out their brand new look and inviting its user to try out their new version, which has new design and a lot more advanced content features.

The first thing that all Yahoo News readers will probably notice is a much a wider footprint on the new Yahoo News, as well as larger text and other new design elements. The content has also been rearranged and now it will b e much easier to access to the most popular stories of the day and top news videos from around the world.

TechCrunch has noticed another interesting change: Readers coming to Yahoo News from social media sites will see shorter versions of news stories at first, with links to similar stories featured more prominently.

Yahoo figures that these readers are more likely to click through to new stories, and are less concerned with reading the full article.

By default Yahoo doesn’t show you the new design when you visit – news.yahoo.com. In order to experience the new look, go to Yahoo News and click the “Try the new Yahoo! News” link at the top of the page.
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Yahoo Election Shortcuts

2008 United States Presidential Election is just around the corner and there are quite a bit of activity ahead which are certainly a lot to keep up with. In order to help Internet users get quick updates on the presidential candidates, election news, polling numbers, and more on a state and national level, Yahoo! Search has launched a series of new election shortcuts. Yahoo Election Shortcuts will provide fresh, up-to-date information which will be pulled directly from the Yahoo! News elections hub as well as the Yahoo! political dashboard.

If you’re interested to know what is going on with a particular candidate, simply search for his name (e.g. Obama or McCain) and get up-to-date information on poll results, recent headlines and relevant discussions.


Other Yahoo! Election Shortcuts:

For a Quick Snapshot of the Presidential Race: Search for [presidential election] and Yahoo! Search will give you a shortcut with fresh results on Obama and McCain news and national poll averages.

For Election News & Info of a Specific State: Simply add the state along with the Keyword “Presidential Election”. For Example: California presidential election.

New Search Results page for Election Queries: Yahoo has also made some changes to the search results page when you search for election related queries. You can simply click the “VOTE” badge in the top right hand corner to be taken directly to the Yahoo! News election page.

Yahoo APT Digital Advertising

yahoo apt

Yahoo has started once again its take on digital advertising with a brand new platform called APT from Yahoo. This digital advertising solution was previously announced as AMP. APT from Yahoo aims to make the processing of buying and selling of online ads faster and it hopes to network publishers, advertisers, agencies, networks, partners and developers together under one roof. Jon Hamm, star of the AMC Drama Mad Men which is based on a 1940s ad firm, was on hand to celebrate. This really excited Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang.

The advertising landscape has changed dramatically since the days when Don Draper was roaming the halls of Sterling Cooper,” said Jerry Yang. “While Mad Men celebrates the Madison Avenue of 40 years ago, APT from Yahoo! clearly represents the future.

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Yahoo Search Boss

About two months ago, Yahoo first announced Yahoo Search Boss – (Boss stands for Build your Own Search Service). Yahoo Boss is an open search web services platform that aims to foster innovation in the search industry. Developers, small start-ups, and large Internet companies can use BOSS to build and launch web-scale search products that utilize the entire Yahoo! Search index.

In their official page they says:

Yahoo BOSS gives you access to Yahoo!’s investments in crawling and indexing, ranking and relevancy algorithms, and powerful infrastructure. By combining your unique assets and ideas with our search technology assets, BOSS is a platform for the next generation of search innovation, serving hundreds of millions of users across the Web.

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