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Keep track of the Latest Tech News

Do you want to stay ahead of the technology world and get access to all the breaking technology news without driving yourself crazy by tracking hundreds of different websites? Today, I’ll be covering some of the easy ways of keeping track of the tech world. You have probably heard of some of them already, but are you using them to their fullest potential? Lets find out!

1. Techfuga


Techfuga is a relatively new website that aggregates technology news from other tech news aggregator (like – Techmeme) as well as other hand-picked technology sites, blogs etc. If you go to techfuga, you will notice that they have special tabs for each of the technology sites that they are monitoring (e.g. Digg, Techcrunch, Slashdot etc). So if you click any of the tabs, the news from that particular site would be displayed on your screen. This will definitely come handy if you want to browse through the top technology sites quickly. At the bottom, they also have a popurls like design where a user can glance through all the top technology blogs. What I found most interesting about techfuga is its actually monitoring social sites like – twitter & friendfeed and adding related feeds directly with the news.

2. Alltop: Technology


Alltop is a nice site that is inspired by Popurls. The creator Guy Kawasaki took the concept of popurls further by making dedicated pages for different topics. So for instance, if you are interested in technology just visit – Alltop Technology category, and you will find all the latest blog posts and articles from over 100 top tech sites.

3. Megit


Megit is yet another news aggregator that works like techmeme. But Megit has not limited themselves to technology news only. They have dedicated pages to cover news on – Entertainment, Politics, Business etc.

4. Techmeme


Techmeme is the most famous Technology news tracker that probably has the nicest interface. Their design is very clean and readable without any ‘ads’ around the news. The only thing they have is “Sponsored posts” which are all relevant, technology related posts from some of the big industry players.

5. Digg – Technology


I’m sure you all know about the popular social news site – digg.com. If you are interested in Technology news, there is no better place to find them than the Technology category in Digg – http://digg.com/news/technology. Digg has a very strong & active community. So within minutes of a news/story posted somewhere, Digg is usually the first one to pick that up. Digg’s Upcoming section lists all the news that are upcoming and still not popular. Usually you should keep an eye on this area for finding the ‘fresh’ tech news stories.

And thats not all! There are tons of other sites that can get you all the breaking technology news in your fingertips. Such as: Reddit Technology, StumbleUpon Technology Tag, Mixx Tech, Yahoo Buzz Sci/Tech, Propeller Sci/Tech.

Did I miss any? Share your favorite tech news sources in the comments!