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Monitor The Social Media – WhosTalkin

Nowadays, It is extremely Important to monitor the social media and keep track of the conversation that is on-going continuously. If you are a small business, you need to know what your customers are saying about your brand, product or services. You need to be there, when they have a problem, complaint or feedback. And this is the most effective way to save your online reputation. People often think that online reputation management is only needed for the big brands, but Its not entirely true. Small brands & small businesses require a proper reputation management tool even more than the big guns of the industry. Why? – Because Small businesses don’t have any reputation to spare! They can’t afford to lose any reputation. For big brands, its a totally different scenario as they have more room to play on. They are in a position where they can choose to ignore the ‘little guy’ (even though its not always best for them). But for Small Businesses, you absolutely have no option to ignore anyone – not even a single customer. A slightest of bad noise can shatter your online reputation – and recovering from it would be pretty difficult.

There are plenty of solutions out there that helps you to monitor the social media. A perfect solution isn’t there yet – as each has their fair share of pros & cons. But the service that I’m about to talk about today has done pretty well to bring the social media into a search engine and its completely Free to use.


WhosTalkin is a brand new social media search engine with a very simple & easy to use user Interface. You simply need to type in your query and click on search and the engine will automatically display all the conversation that has happened regarding that subject matter. Currently it displays results from different microblogging platforms, blog search engines, news aggregators, video networks, images, forums, social bookmarking & news sites etc. WhosTalkin is pretty good if you want to get a instant overview of what people are saying about you, your brand and your business.

But for more advanced tracking – with support of of multiple keywords, email notifications, RSS etc. – I’d highly recommend Trackur.com, A web-based Professional Social Media Monitoring service created by the Online Reputation Management Expert – Andy Beal.

Are you monitoring your personal brand? How? Share in comments!