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SearchMe Adview – Visual Paid Search

Wouldn’t it be great if your paid search becomes both relevant & visual? Well I guess we don’t have to wait any longer for that to happen. Techcrunch has just reported that the visual search engine startup – Searchme has launched their own version of Paid Advertising Program called AdView.


The only difference between Google’s Adwords & this Adview program is that instead of just displaying paid text links it will be presenting a previews of entire landing page of the ad including videos and other interactive & dynamic elements.

Advertisers – Sign Up for SearchMe Adview

If you are interested to try out this new advertising platform, you can sign up for a free trial. This offer is only available to the first 500 companies or individuals (must be from US) that sign up here. If you are lucky, you get to run a free ad campaign on SearchMe for 30 days. So Hurry!