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Privacy Lovers can now Opt-out of Google Analytics

Google Anlaytics - Opt-OutPrivacy freaks lovers now has the ability to Opt-out of Google Analytics tracking on a browser level. Last week Google announced on a blog post that google analytics team is currently working a browser based plugin that can totally give user control to opt-themselves out from being tracked by Google Analytics. This way users can feel more comfortable about their privacy and can refuse to share any information with the site owners that runs the Google analytics program.

Google already collects massive amount of data about all of us when we are searching the web. But they have been always been upfront about what data they collect. See the video below by Maile Ohye, a support engineer of Google. She pretty much explains what basic data Google collects every time you search the web using Google. She also explains why its important for Google to store certain information on their servers to give users a better search experience.

But none of these so called stored information is actually ‘personal information’. For instance, its not your name, social security number or your credit card number. But still Google has been bashed over an over again about ‘Privacy’. I agree that Google probably knows more about us than anybody else, however we all choose to share that information with them! We live in a very open world.

In fact anybody who has a facebook account shouldn’t even talk about ‘privacy’! You have probably put up all sorts of information up their and sometimes without you even knowing things that you assumed to be ‘private’ becomes public. Not that facebook does this willingly, but it has happened before. And its likely that as we move forward more data about us will be public (e.g. Does PleaseRobMe.com ring a bell?).

I think Google is creating this whole GA Opt-out browser addon, just for their own strategic advantage. They know very well that no one will go through the trouble of installing it anyway. But at least when they get into those big privacy battles, they can show that they do ‘care’ about privacy and users have an option to be totally private.

But I think people needs to change their mentality a bit here. On the internet there is NO PRIVACY. If you care too much about your privacy, you shouldn’t be using the internet. Because your ISP is probably already recording more information that you can possibly imagine.

But do you actually care? I don’t!

Facebook Adds Privacy To Each Post

facebook-privacy-settingsSometime later today Facebook will be launching a new set of privacy feature to its 350 million users.

The good thing is, with this new privacy feature implementation – Facebook users will be able to choose exactly who they want to share their status update, photo, video, or any other piece of content posted on Facebook.

The set options will be: Share with “Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone and Customized.” Facebook is killing regional networks such as “Malaysia” or “Silicon Valley,” which are too big and meaningless anyway.

“Facebook is transforming the world’s ability to control its information online by empowering more than 350 million people to personalize the audience for each piece of content they share,” said Elliot Schrage, Vice President of Communications, Public Policy and Marketing. “We’ve always designed Facebook to enable people to control what information they share with whom—it’s the reason our service continues to attract such a broad and diverse group of users from around the world. We’re proud of the latest evolution we’re announcing today and we will continue to innovate to serve users’ changing needs.”

How will The New Facebook Privacy Benefit You?

With the help of many customized options, facebook users will now be able to create Friends Lists so that you can share your personal photos only with your family, and say some inappropriate YouTube videos with just your college buddies! If you have some promotional news or business article to share, you can probably share it only with the people on your “business list” rather than sharing them with everyone who may or may not be interested into such content. Facebook is also simplifying its privacy settings to make them less confusing in general.

What Is the Next Step?

By making the privacy settings clear, I believe facebook is just encouraging people to trust the system ‘more’ and make more & more public facebook updates that they can include in the facebook internal search index. Right now, if you search for something on facebook it only brings results from your own network and not from everyone’s public post. (Unlike twitter, where http://search.twitter.com basically indexes all twitter updates and hence more useful!)

If you don’t see the privacy settings on your Facebook profile, don’t panic! They are slowly rolling it out and it will get to your profile shortly. Don’t forget Facebook has over 350 million users to take care of.

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