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Recover your Google Password via SMS

google-password-recoverWe often tend to forget things as we grow older and sometimes we depend heavily on others when it comes to remembering things. Take a look at your browser for instance, every website that you go to that requires a log in account, any standard browser like – Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome asks you whether you would like to save the password. And in most of the cases we do save the password and then forget about it, as our dear browser takes care of it for us.

But what happens when you format your computer or move to a different PC and you don’t have that password saved anymore and you have no clue of what you have set as your password?! Well that’s when you use another friendly tool that is available with most of the web services today, that lets you to recover your password once you have forgotten it.

Cristelle Blackford, an Online Operations Strategist of Google blogged about the same issues. She mentioned that, recovering passwords is one of the top reasons why people visit the Gmail Help Center. So to make things even easier for people Google has introduced a way to recover your Google password via SMS.

How to Recover Your Google Password via SMS

In order to take advantage of this password recovery option, you will first need to setup your Mobile phone with your Google account.

First of all just sign in to your Google account via the link: https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount and select, select ‘Change Password Recovery Options,’ enter your cell phone number and click ‘Save.’


So the next time you forget your password, enter your user name on the Google password-assistance page, and Google will send you a recovery code via SMS. So you don’t need to check your secondary email account or even leave the page.

Try to have as many password recovery options as possible so that you never lose your password. Google currently allows you to recover your password via a secondary email, security question and of course the new addition – SMS.