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MySpace Status Updates in Google Search

Mike Jones, co-president of the less-talked about social networking site MySpace today announced that, updates of all MySpace users will now appear in the Google’s real time search results.

Right now, Google pulls most of its real time search results from Twitter, Google Buzz & Friendfeed. But now that MySpace has also joined the party, its pretty obvious that Google will eventually try to get everyone to open up their data stream for Google’s real time search efforts.

ReadWriteWeb points out that MySpace users don’t usually share as many links as any typical Twitter user. So in my opinion including MySpace into Google’s real time search will not bring any extra value to the searchers. Searchers are usually looking for answers and not ‘conversations’. Twitter is great for Google’s Real-time search as tweets contains valuable links that can help the searcher to find what they are looking for. MySpace users tend to be more into entertainment & music and often looked at as a social network for younger population.

MySpace Status Updates in Google Real-Time Search Results

For certain terms, Google real-time search stream appears automatically. But to see real-time search results for any particular query, you can go to google.com, click on Show Options & select updates from the left hand menu. This will basically show you all real-time updates from various sources for the given query.

Myspace Updates - Google Real Time Search

Filter Real-Time Updates based on Services

If you wish to just see the real-time updates of one particular service (e.g. myspace.com) you can use the site:domain.com operator next to your keyword.

So to see all the updates regarding “chinese new year” in myspace, go to the Google’s update page and search for – Chinese New Year site:myspace.com

Google Real Time Search Filter

So do you think adding MySpace updates in Google’s Realtime search will bring any ‘real’ value to the searchers?

Myspace MyAds – Advertising in MySpace

It looks like MySpace has followed the footsteps of facebook by bringing in their own Do-it-yourself advertising platform Myspace MyAds.

Myspace MyAds Interface

Simlar to Facebook Ads, the new MySpace ad platform allows anybody to establish an account and begin targeting ads to a particular demographic. It also allows advertisiers to build image-based ads on the fly and target them according to gender, age (14 to 65+), geographic targeting for the United States, and a series of highly targeted interests:

MySpace Advertising Demo

My Two Cents

Well this isn’t much of a surprise and everyone saw it coming. But I don’t think that Social advertising works well for all types of businesses. It has been tried before by many networks (including Facebook) and majority of them failed to make any strong impact in the traditional online advertisement that we have today. Its always good to get targeted leads but if the leads doesn’t really convert well for you its just a waste of money. I don’t think that MySpace audience will convert well for a plumber, for instance.

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