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Bing Gains Search Market Share (Jan 2010)

Microsoft's Bing - Gains Search Marketing share in January 2010 Bing seems to continuously gain market share (a bit by bit) as the rest of the engines (especially Yahoo) sees a decline. Well, we all know how Microsoft’s Bing is gaining all these market share so easily. They are literally still spending millions on advertising to advertise their engine and go mainstream.

In the month of January, Bing’s share increased to 11.3%, up from 10.7% in December. That’s up from 8.5% a year ago.

  • Google (GOOG) fell to 65.4%, from 65.7% in December, but up from 63% a year ago.
  • Yahoo (YHOO) fell to 17%, from 17.3%. That’s down from 21% a year ago.
  • AOL (AOL) fell to 2.5%, from 2.6%.
  • Ask.com (IACI) gained market share up to 3.8%, from 3.7%.

It seems like if Bing continues to grow at this current rate, they might be able to go pass Yahoo in another year or so.

(Source: Silicon Alley Insider)