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Location Based Product Gowalla Launching API

Gowalla is yet another location based product just like foursquare that allows you to record your current  whereabouts and share it with your friends.

On a recent blog post they have announced that from now onwards they will be allowing developers to build applications that uses data from Gowalla in fun and interesting ways. All of the technical details can be found by browsing the API Explorer, reading the Gowalla API documentation, and visiting the gowalla-dev Google Group.

On their official blog, Gowalla Team gave away a couple of cool ideas that uses the Gowalla API:

LunchVote — A social voting system that helps you to decide where/what to eat for lunch.

Gowallahashing — Inspired by XKCD’s Geohashing, a service that algorithmically pick a random spot every day for a given area, to encourage serendipitous challenges and meetups.

Sidebar Badge — A simple way to show off your top ten spots with a sidebar badge for your blog. 

Conference Games — Encourage conference attendees to explore the city and get to know each other by tracking their check-ins and rewarding those who get off the beaten path.

Now that Google Buzz is here which will eventually turn into a more open platform, do you think its worth developing apps/services for Gowalla or Foursquare?