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Face Detection on Facebook Photos

facebook photos face detectionNot long ago Facebook has acquired a small startup called Divvyshot that did a lot of interesting stuff with photos. Soon after that we saw many interesting changes in Facebook photos.

Today Facebook has announced a new feature that will make photo tagging inside Facebook dead simple by automatically detecting the faces in the pictures you have and giving you the option to just type then name of the person and hit enter to ‘tag’.

Now that’s pretty neat! Because sometimes group pictures have like 20 different faces, and clicking on each of those faces and tagging them is often a real pain. However when I first read the news, I thought it would actually do a real face detection or face matching and find out all the other photos that has the same person’s face and tag them automatically. Google’s Picasa has already this face-matching feature that lets you organize photos by face.

But users of Facebook won’t like the idea of being “auto-tagged” by a bot, but I believe the Face detection feature that facebook is implementing can just go one step further – Detect the face & then suggest the the name(s) of the likely person (if I have already tagged the same face before in facebook). So this totally eliminates me from having to type that persons name which will save even more time. The “auto-tagging” option can be an optional thing that facebook can just throw in there for advanced users. But unless the algorithm is really good this might be a disaster – So you better don’t try it Facebook! Lets keep things simple for now.

Yahoo Image Search Now Shows Points of Interest

If you are a frequent traveler then you would appreciate this brand new feature of Yahoo image search that lets you refine your image search results by points of interest whenever you search for a particular travel destination or location.

For example, if you search for Rome, Yahoo Image search will automatically show up a special column containing categories of a whole bunch of ‘places’ from rome that you are likely to be interested in. Clicking on any of the categories will show an overlay of images so that you can virtually take a tour of the image results without leaving the original search results page.


To test it’s usefulness & accuracy, I searched for Kuala Lumpur, and Yahoo did manage to give me a pretty decent list of places that most tourists would like to go.

Try it and let me know what do you think about this cool new feature of Yahoo Image Search!

Find Creative Commons Images

creative-commons-logoIf you are a blogger, you would know how hard it is sometimes to find a picture that matches or explains the thing that you are writing about. Well different Image search engines like Google Image Search, Yahoo Image search & Bing Image Search has so far made it easy to find images, however you really should make sure that you don’t use images without the permission of its original owner, and sometimes its just not possible to afford the licensing fees for professional photographers.

And that’s where Creative Commons license kicks in. Creative Commons licenses allow an individual or an artist to specify the ways others may use their work (e.g. photos). Artists can license their images for general reuse, or for noncommercial reuse only. They can also decide whether or not to grant people the right to modify or remix their images. Once they’ve chosen to make their work available online under these terms. So basically images that are licensed under Creative Commons can be used freely without any issues as long as you abide by the appropriate licensing policy/requirements.



How To Find Creative Commons Images

Official Google blog just reported that they have added in a neat filter in Google Image Search that allows you to particularly search for images under the creative commons license.


To enable this feature, simply go to the advanced image search page in Google Image Search. Under the “Usage rights” section, you can select the type of license you’d like to search for, such as those marked for reuse or even for commercial reuse with modification. Your results will be restricted to images marked with CC or other licenses. Once you confirm the license of the image and you have to make sure that your use will comply with the terms of the license (such as proper attribution to the image’s owner) etc.

This feature is currently being rolled out to everyone, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it just yet.

Google Image Search Adds More Filtering Options

google-image-search Google Image Search has recently added more filtering options in their image search interface, letting you choose images from News Content, clip arts, line drawing, photo content and faces (which was available previously).

google image search filter

So with this brand new filtering options, photo searching became even easier. So lets say I’m searching for Santa Clause in Google’s Image search. So by default I’ll be presented a lot of photos of Santa Clause. But what If I’m only looking for Clip arts of Santa Clause for a greeting card that I’m making?

Now with this new Google Image Search filtering option, I can simply select clipart and it will only return the santa clause images which are clip art!

Cool right? Try it now!