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Shopping with Firefox Can Save You Money


I know you probably think that the title is kind of crazy – how can a browser making online shopping cheaper? Well apparently if you are using Firefox, you are likely to get better online deals than shopping with other browsers like Internet Explorer. Why? Well, because of the release of a brand new Firefox add on called – Vouchers.Im. This nifty addon makes your Firefox smart enough to inform you about many discount voucher codes which you can be use in the shops that you visit!

With currently over 1,000 active voucher codes of hundreds of best known brands and less famous niche online shops, there is no doubt anyone using Firefox with the add-on installed will have much better chance to discover great deals and discounts than a typical IE user.

Vouchers are pretty much everywhere on the web. There are hundreds of sites out there that keeps track of these vouchers and also archives them regularly into categories. However, when you are shopping and you need something urgently – You often get into a situation where you don’t have the time to look for all these vouchers. Because searching for vouchers in Google or any other search engine is a real pain – It returns a lot of low quality sites that either has very old vouchers (which have already expired) or vouchers that are invalid. Those sites just somehow rank on certain terms and they pray and hope that you would mistakenly click some of their ads when searching for these vouches.

There are certainly many legit and good websites out there that provides discount vouchers and keep them regularly updated, but come on – do you think you even remember to use a voucher until you are just at the check out page of a online retail store? I guess not!

With the help of this cool add-on, you can just forget about ever even thinking of searching for a voucher code. Whenever someone with the add-on installed visits a web site which can be recognized among those issuing voucher codes, Firefox will automatically show user an unobtrusive sliding window, much like a “download is finished” slider, containing all the information about available discounts. It will then place a little green voucher icon on the status bar for the users to click on to receive further details and to obtain a voucher code.

Vouchers.Im Add-on takes seconds to install and is only 30 kilobytes in size, which helps keep browser tidy without much extra overhead. As soon as the add-on becomes active, users can be assured of an advantage to enjoy discounts they otherwise could have easily missed.

Btw, if you are a non-firefox user then you can just type Vouchers.Im in your browser and still get a pretty decent voucher search engine that will make it a lot easy for you to search for voucher codes rather than you having to search them via general search engines like Google or Bing. With regular daily updates, the website of Vouchers.im offers probably the best selection of every available voucher code from almost every store including Argos, Tesco, House of Fraser, Littlewoods and numerous less known brands like Passion8.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Vouchers.Im Firefox Addon and start saving money on your online shopping today!

Firefox 3.5 RC – 2x Faster than FF 3.0


If you are a Firefox fan like me that you will be happy to know that the Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate (RC) is already out! I’m particularly excited about this version of Firefox is because its very fast compared to the previous version of Firefox (They mentioned that its 2 times faster than Firefox 3.0). The official final release has been scheduled for the end of June but you can just go ahead and download the RC version which works just fine. Read ahead for the download link..

What’s New in Firefox 3.5

There are quite a number of improvements and addition in this new Firefox. Firstly, the thing that really irritated me over the years about Firefox is its poor memory management & leaking problem. I tested this new version vigorously and I feel that it is much more stable than any other Firefox versions ever released. I could easily open 20 over tabs and load videos, java script & ajax on them simultaneously without any lag or memory issue.

I have also noticed a significant increase in Speed on this new release, however having said that – Google’s Chrome is still the fastest in my opinion.

New feature wise, Firefox 3.5 has a private browsing mode – the so-called ‘porn mode’, or as Mozilla’s engineering vice president Mike Shaver called it, in an interview with IT PRO a ”job-hunting mode.” For people who are concerned about their privacy, Firefox 3.5 has a very neat tool that lets users to clear all private data or activity over the past few hours.

It also has ‘tear off tabs’ feature, which basically lets users to drag a tab out of its existing spot and open it in a new window (This has been in chrome and opera for a long time). Firefox 3.5 users can also watch videos inside Firefox browser without the need of installing any plug-ins using open format Ogg Theora files.

Download Firefox 3.5 RC

– Just visit the official Firefox 3.5 RC website – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.5/releasenotes/

– Click on the “Download Now” link on your right!

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Google Dumped by Firefox for Yandex

Firefox & Google

Firefox is planning to choose Yandex (Google’s Rival) as the default search provider for all Russian firefox users.

Google is currently the default search engine for in the Russian Firefox, but according to the blog post by Mozilla’s General Counsel Harvey Anderson – Yandex is a far better choice.

He writes:

Over the past few months, we have listened to feedback, talked with our localizers, studied the trends of our Firefox Yandex builds, and reviewed the Yandex user experience. All this activity led us to the conclusion that our Russian users really wanted direct access to the Yandex search services in official Firefox RU builds…….As a result, we’re planning on setting Yandex as the default search provider for the Firefox 3.1 Russian locale builds…..

CNet reports that, Mozilla gets over 90% of its revenue from Google under a revenue sharing partnership with Google’s search advertisements. In 2007, this revenue from Google was reported $66 million of Mozilla’s total revenue of $75 million.

Now I wonder whether this whole move of making Yandex the default engine in Russia will make their ‘already completed relation‘, more complicated. Mozilla has a “reasonable” relationship with long-time partner Google , but the launch of Google’s browser Chrome has made it more complicated admitted Mozilla’s chief executive.

In last December Mozilla’s Cheif Executive, John Lilly said in a statement:

We have a fine and reasonable relationship. But I’d be lying if I said that things weren’t more complicated than they used to be.

FoxTab: 3D browsing in Firefox

Have you ever heard of 3D Browsing? I’m sure you have! Many browser makers have tried to enter the web browser market with 3D capabilities in last 2 years. But most of them failed because they were all resource hungry and slow!

I use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as my primary browsers. And Guess What? Now you can experience 3D browsing in your Firefox with a very simple add on, absolutely free of charge!

Why Do You Need a 3D Browser?

Well there are often times when you open so many tabs that you can’t remember which site is where, sometimes you open the same tab twice or thrice because you just couldn’t remember that it has already been open in another tab.

With the help of a 3D view, you can easily view all your tabs at once, thus letting you easily access all the open tabs and navigate them in the way you want.

FoxTab 0.9.9 – 3D Interactive Browsing (Firefox Addon)

Foxtab 3D Browsing


FoxTab is a 3D interactive tab switching add-on for Firefox that is very similar to the Aero flip 3D capability of Microsoft Windows Vista. While Flip 3D in Vista allows you to switch between the numerous application/windows that you have opened, FoxTab allows you to do the same with all the tabs you have opened inside your Firefox browser. This definitely help you to spend less time on browsing by allowing you to do more in less time and with greater efficiency.

Even though FoxTab is currently in the beta testing stage, I have personally tested the latest version and found it to be absolutely bug free. However since FoxTab is still a beta software, a free registration is required before you are allowed to download and try out this firefox add-on.

Download FoxTab 3D Browsing Addon

Click on the following link to: Download FoxTab Firefox add-on

The add-on itself is really small in size (only 358 kb). It currently supports Microsoft Windows OS only. Versions supporting Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X are planned and will be made available at a later date.

FoxTab Operation Instruction

Once you have installed the add-on just press the “launch FoxTab” button on your navigation toolbar and FoxTab will arrange all the tabs you have opened in a 3D “stack” which is tabs arranged one behind another. Just roll your mouse wheel or press the Ctrl-Tab keys to flip through the various tabs you have opened and click the one you want to go to. You can press the Ctrl+Q keys to keep it in a flip mode.

Try it out and let me know how you like it via the comments.