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Cuil Search Now Provides Maps & Local Results

Cuil Web Search

Cuil – the search engine which was supposed to be a “Google Killer” has almost died off after the first 1-2 months of initial buzz in the blogosphere. And now no one really seems to care about whats happening with Cuil.

According to Google Trends, there traffic has dramatically decreased by a huge margin and now even a mashup search engine like Dogpile has more users using their service.

Cuil in Google Trends

Whats New With Cuil – Maps & Local Search

According to the official Cuil Blog, it’s now offers maps & local listing within the search results. Searchers can now search for local businesses, restaurants and over 3.5 Million of other points of interest across the US.

Cuil has managed to partner with MapQuest which is a very old & renowned provider of local business listings, interactive maps etc. With the addition of this new feature, finding address, contact information or even driving direction would be relatively simpler.

Cuil Blog writes:

Searching for local results is easy. Just provide a search term and give a city, state or zipcode. You can search for a particular business name like Salt House CA, a category such as gas stations 94025 or even landmarks like AT&T Park San Francisco or Palo Alto Museums. If Cuil has found any local results for your search, they will appear in the middle column along with an interactive map, allowing you to get contact information or driving directions via MapQuest.

So I tried Searching for gas stations 94025 in both Cuil & Google and overall I think I’d still prefer Google’s results and the way the present it to their users. Screen Shot Below:


Google Local Search

So what do you think? Can Cuil buy their way up by providing more useful features for their users? Will you give Cuil a Try? Share in Comments!